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Every Time She Walks By

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Heather Barton (SCO) - March 2017
Every Time She Walks By - Adam Brand : (Album: Get On Your Feet - iTunes)
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#32 count intro, begin on vocals

[1-8] Step right ½ pivot, Shuffle ½, Rock left back, left kick ball point right
1-2Step forward on right, make ½ turn over left shoulder
3&4Step right ¼ left, step left beside right, step right ¼ left
5-6Rock back left foot, rec right
7&8Kick left foot forward, step onto ball of left, point right to right side (12 oclock)

[9-16] Walk fwd right & left, Right shuffle forward, Step left ¼, Cross shuffle left
1-2Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4Step right forward, step left to right, step forward right
5-6Step left forward, ¼ turn right
7&8Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right
(Alternative step for count 1&2, ½ turn over left shoulder x2 on wall 3) (3 oclock)

[17-24] Syncopated side rocks Right & Left, Step Right ½, step right 1/4
1,2&Rock right to right side, rec left & bring right to left
3,4&Rock left to left side, rec right & bring left to right
5-6Step right forward, pivot ½ left
7-8Step right forward ¼ pivot left (weight on left) (6 oclock)

[25-32] Right jazz box, Cross rock right, side rock right
1-2Cross right over left, step back left
3-4Step right to right side, step left beside right
5-6Cross right over left, rec left
7-8Rock right to right side, rec left (Restart wall 5) (6 oclock)

[33-40] Heel & Toes switch, Toes & heel switch ¼ turn, Step heel split, Jump back R L & Clap x2
1&2Tap right heel forward, tap left toes back
&3&4¼ turn left bring left beside right, tap right toe back, tap left heel forward
&5&6Bring left beside right, step right forward split both heels out & in
&7&8Jump back right then left (weight on Left) clap hands twice (3 oclock)

[41-48] Walk forward Right & Left, right Heel grind ¼, Behind side cross, step left side, brush right
1-2Walk forward right, walk forward left
3-4Step right heel forward turn heel ¼ right, step left to left side
5&6Step right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
7-8Step left to left side, brush right foot forward (6 oclock)

Restart on wall 5 (Instrumental) dance first 32 counts start dance again facing 6 Oclock

Ending facing front wall after brush forward do 2 pivot half turns or a rocking chair

Happy Dancing:


Little Jeff March 20, 2017
This is worth 5 stars. Not easy to find good country stuff that's new to use in our country classes, this one is fab!

thanks Heather, love you!

Young girl March 22, 2017
Brilliant dance love it

Squidgy May 6, 2017
Yep. :-D 5 stars from me too. :-D Thanks, Heather. :-D Loving it. x

Kato May 6, 2017
Excellent track,excellent choreography -- what more could anyone ask for!! Brilliant - well done Heather.

OLDSALTY August 31, 2017
this has done the rounds and then some.Such a good dance that the penny is finally dropping and teachers are thinking Oh Yes should have done this back in March. Thank you Heather Can feel a CBA award coming here
Victoria X

ROSIE September 2, 2017
excellent Heather x

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