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Absolute Beginner
Bill Larson (AUS) - March 2017
Bring Down the House - Dean Brody : (CD: Gypsy Road - 3:28)
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Turning CCW - Weight on Left, Start 16 counts in (8 seconds) V1 11.3.17

S1. Cross Point, Cross Point, Jazz Box Cross
1,2Cross / Step R over L, Point L to side
3,4Cross / Step L over R, Point R to side
5,6Cross / Step R over L, Step back on L
7,8Step R to side, Cross / Step L over R

S2. Vine Right Touch, Vine L 1/4 Turn L Scuff
1,2,3,4Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Touch L beside R
5,6Step L to side, Step R behind L
7,8with 1/4 turn L Step forward on L, Scuff R beside L (9:00)

S3. Walk Forward R, L, R, Kick L, Walk back L, R, L, Touch R beside L
1,2,3,4Walking forward: Stepping R, L, R, Kick L forward
5,6,7,8Walking backward: Stepping L, R, L, Touch R beside L

S4. V Step, Step Side with Hip Sways
1,2Step R forward at 45’ R, Step L forward at 45’ L
3,4Step R back to centre, Step L beside R
5,6,7,8Small step R to side swaying hip right, Sway hips L, R, L



Happy Feeet March 19, 2017
Good song choice to fun and doable choreography. It will be Happy Feet next dance @ Makiki Tuesdays.
Mahalo to Bill Larson ;-)

Luey June 30, 2017
Easy dance for beginners. I taught this to our group and then added two variations (see demo video):
- Set 2, counts 5-7: Rolling 1 1/4 vine to the left
- Set 4, counts 5-8: Cross R over L, Hold, Unwind (end weight on L), Hold

Squidgy January 25, 2018
Just letting you know, Bill, I taught your dance when it first appeared on Copperknob and my classes are STILL asking for it. They love it because it goes so well with the song. Well done, and thank you. :-D

Stayin Alive July 12, 2020
Love the dance and the great demos!

Sanduey October 9, 2020
This dance goes to lots and lots of music - love the dance and I teach it. Thanks and looking forward to more dances.

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