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Are You Missing Me

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Absolute Beginner
Ron Bloye (UK) - March 2017
Missing - William Michael Morgan : (Album: Vinyl - iTunes / amazon)
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#32 count intro to start – *Restart on Wall 5 after 16 counts.

Section 1: Walk Forward R.L R. Touch Left. Walk Back L. R. L. Touch Right
1 - 4Walk forward right, left, right, touch left next to right
5 - 8Walk back left, right, left, touch right next to left

Section 2: Grapevine Right Touch, Grapevine Left Touch
1 - 2Step right to right side, step left behind right,
3 - 4Step right to right side, touch left next to right
5 - 6Step left to left side, step right behind left,
7 - 8Step left To left side, touch right next to left
*Restart Here on Wall 5

Section 3: Fwd Toe Strut Right, Fwd Toe Strut Left, Rocking Chair On Right
1 - 2Step forward touching right toe to floor, drop heel down to floor,
3 - 4Step forward touching left toe to floor, drop left heel down to floor.
5 - 6Rock forward on right, recover on left.
7 - 8Rock back on right, recover on left

Section 4: Step Forward Right ¼ Turn Left, Step Forward Right ¼ Turn Left, Jazzbox
1 - 2Step forward right pivot ¼ turn left.
3 - 4Step forward right pivot ¼ turn left.
5 - 6Cross right over left, step back left
7 - 8Step right to right side, step left next to right.

This Dance can be used as a Floor Split to Heather Barton’s Lovely dance “Missing”

Alternative Music: -
Country - Off My Rocker by Billy Currington. (No Restart)
Pop - I Don’t Care What You Say by Anthony Callea. (No Restart)

But if needs be, it will go to various other music to your liking.



Sandue July 31, 2017
This is a great dance - of all the dances to this song, this is my favorite. It also goes to a lot of music! Thanks for a great dance. I like your dances and teach some of them to my class.

Janny von den Liners May 12, 2018
I taught this one to all my beginner's groups and will teach it again, because it is a perfect dance to split the floor with 'Missing', we danced it many times in the break between the first and second class. I am looking for more suggestions to use this as a floor split to other improver dances.

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