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Young Forever

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Phrased Intermediate
Daniele Traverso (IT) - April 2017
Young Forever - High Valley
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Sequence: A,A,B,B,B, 8count hold, A,A,B,B,B,A,A,B,B,B

A: 32 counts
S1: 1/4turn&rock ,1/4turn&scuff ,jumping cross ,kick x2 , point
1&21/4turn right , step right forward ,recover weight to left
3-41/4turn right ,scuff left beside right
5-6jumping cross left over right ,rock right back & kick left forward
7-8kick right forward ,touch left toe back

S2: heel ,toe ,1/4turn ,heel strut ,shuffle turn ,rock back ,recover
1-2touch left heel forward ,touch right toe back
3-41/4turn right & touch right heel forward ,drop right toe taking weight
5&6step left forward ,lock right behind left ,1/4turn right & step left to side
7-8rock right back ,recover weight to left

S3: toe strut 1/4turn ,1/2turn ,scuff ,1/4turn ,rock ,behind side cross ,rock
1-21/4turn left & touch right toe back ,drop right heel taking weight
3-4&1/2turn left ,scuff right beside left ,1/4turn left
5-6step right to side ,cross left behind right
&7-8step right back ,cross left over right ,1/4turn right & step right forward

S4: recover weight ,1/2turn ,shuffle turn ,scuff ,1/4turn ,jumping jazzbox ,stomp-up
1recover weight to left
&2&31/2turn right ,step right forward ,lock left behind right ,step right forward
4&scuff left beside right & 1/4turn right
5-6jumping cross left over right , rock right back & kick lefforward
7-8return onto left ,stomp-up right beside left

B: 32 counts
S1: heel ,toe ,heel ,hook combination x2 ,kick
1-2-3touch right heel forward ,touch left toe back ,touch left heel forward
4&5touch right heel forward ,hook right over left ,touch right heel forward
6&7touch left heel forward ,hook left over right ,touch left heel forward
8kick right forward

S2: flick & slap ,shuffle ,shuffle turn ,coaster step ,step
1flick right back & slap with left hand
2&3step right forward ,lock left behind right ,step right forward
4&51/4turn right & step left to left side ,step right next to left ,1/4turn right & step left back
6&7step right back ,step left beside right ,step right forward
8step left diagonally forward

S3: behind cross ,rock & cross ,rock ,stomp-up ,1/4 turn ,rock ,scuff ,rock ,1/4turn ,rock ,stomp-up
1&2cross right behind left ,step left to left side ,cross right over left
3-4step left to left side ,stomp-up right beside left
5-61/4turn right & step right forward ,scuff left beside right
7-81/4turn right & step left to left side ,stomp-up right beside left

S4: shuffle turn ,point ,rolling vine ,stomp
1&2step right to right side ,close left next to right ,1/4turn left & step right back
3-41/4turn left & step left to left side ,touch right toe to right side
5-61/4turn right & drop right heel taking weight ,1/2turn right
7-81/2turn right ,1/4turn right & stomp left beside right

Last Update – 29 Sept. 2018


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