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She's a Flatliner

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Phyllis Manier (USA) - April 2017
Flatliner (feat. Dierks Bentley) - Cole Swindell
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Heel Grind ¼ turn, Coaster Step, Step Lock Step x2
1-2Right heel grind doing a ¼ turn right recover left (3:00)
3&4Right Coaster Step
5&6Step Lock Step Forward Left, Right, Left
7&8Step Lock Step Forward Right, Left, Right,

Rock Step, Triple ½, Turn, Turn, Press Release
1-2Rock Step forward left recover right
3&4Triple ½ turning left stepping Left, Right, Left
5-6Turn1/2 Stepping back right, Turn1/2 stepping forward left
7-8Press right forward and recover left (You can rock step)
Restart here on wall 3

Step Lock Back, Rock Step Turn, Step Lock Back, Side Rock
1&2Step Lock Back Right, Left, Right
3-4½ turn Left , Rocking forward on left, recover right
5&6Step Lock Back Left, Right, Left
7-8¼ Turn left doing a side rock

Sailor Step, Sailor Turn, Kick & heel & touch & heel &
1& 2Sailor Step Right, Left, Right
3&4Sailor Turn ¼ left, Left, Right, Left
5&6&Kick Right forward, right home , Left heel forward, Left home
7&8&Touch right toe next to left step right home, left heel forward , Left home

Restart: on wall 3 Dance 16 counts, Restart.



VickieS January 1, 2018
The demonstration video shows a 1/4 turn to the right on the 7-8 count of the 3rd block of 8 counts, yet the step sheet show a 1/4 turn left at this same point. Which is correct? As I dance this dance, my momentum seems to favor a turn left as the step sheet identifies, but I want to make sure I am learning this correctly to dance with other dancers. Please clarify. Thank you! Nice dance!

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