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Mitha Primasari (INA) - May 2017
One More Night by. NKOTB
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Intro : 16 Counts

I. Step Forward Point on BF and Step Down – Coaster Step – Step Side – Behind Side Cross
1-2Step on Toes of Both Feet while R slightly cross on L, Step Down on BF
3&4Step R Back, Step L Close to R, Step R Forward
5-6Step L to Side, Recover on R
7&8Cross Back on L, Step R to Side, Cross L forward

II. Step Turn ¼ Right with Sweep, Step Lock Back, Turn ¾ Left, Chasse
1-2Turn ¼ Right Step R Forward Sweep L to Front, Step L Cross on R (03.00)
3&4Step R Back, Lock L infront of R, Step R Back
5-6Turn ½ Left Step L Forward (09.00), Turn ½ Left Step R Back (03.00)
7&8Turn ¼ Left Step L to Side (12.00), Close R to L, Step L to Side

III. Step Forward with Sweep, Step Cross, Long Step, Ball Change, ¼ Left Step Lock
1-2Step R Forward while Sweep on L, Step L Forward while Sweep on R
3&4Cross R on L, Recover on L, Long Step on R to Side
5&6Hold, Step Ball Change on L, Cross R on L
7&8Turn ¼ Left Step L Forward (09.00), Lock R Behind L, Step L Forward

IV. Step Forward, ½ Pivot, Step Lock, Step Out, Step Cross, Full Turn
1-2Step R Forward, ½ Turn Left Step L Forward (03.00)
3&4Step R Forward, Lock L Behind R, Step R Forward
5-6Step out on L, Step out on R
7-8Cross L on R, Full Turn to Right (03.00)

TAG : On Wall ....
1-2-3-4Step on Both Toes with Open Chest, Step Down Normal your Chest and Turn your Head ¼ to Left, Turn Back to front.

Restart on Wall 3 After 16 Counts



Mitha May 2, 2017
Revision :
- RESTART on wall 4
- TAG after wall 9

Thank You =)

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