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Dancin' The Dust

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Tina Argyle (UK) - May 2017
Dirt on My Boots - Jon Pardi : (iTunes)
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Count In : 16 counts from start of track

R Toe Heel Stomp, L Toe Heel Stomp. Side Rock Weave.
1&2Touch right toe towards left instep, Touch right heel towards left instep, stomp forward right
3&4Touch left toe towards right instep, Touch left heel towards right instep, stomp forward left
5&6Rock right to right side, recover, cross right over left
&7Step left to left side, cross right behind left
&8Step left to left side, cross right over left

Rock ¼ Turn. ¾ Triple Turn. Rock Fwd, Side, Coaster Step
1&2Rock left to left side, make ¼ turn right recovering weight fwd onto right, step fwd left (3 o'clock)
3&4Make ½ turn left stepping back right, make ¼ turn left stepping left to left side, step fwd right (6 o'clock)
5&Rock fwd left recover
6&Rock left to left side recover
7&8Take slightly longer step back left, step right at side of left, step fwd left
*** Re – Start here during wall 3 facing 12 o'clock ***

R Side Strut Rock Back, L Side Strut Rock Back. Toe Heel Side Together. Touch Out In Out
1&Touch right toe to right side, drop right heel
2&Rock left behind right, recover
3&Touch left toe to left side, drop left heel
4&Rock right behind left, recover
5&6Touch right toe towards left instep, Touch right heel towards left instep, step right to right side
&Step left at side of right
7&8Touch right toe out in out

Jazz ¼ Turn. Heel Dig x2. Touch Back ½ Turn. Kick fwd x2
1&2Cross right over left, make ¼ turn right stepping back left, step right to right side (9 o'clock)
3&4&Touch left heel forward, step together with left, touch right heel forward, Step together with right
5 - 6Touch left toe back, Make ½ turn left onto left (3 o'clock)
7&8&Kick right forward, step together with right kick left forward, step together with left

Tag End of wall 7 walk a half turn turn LEFT from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock stepping RLRL



Sassy Stepper May 9, 2017
Liking this a whole lot. Looking forward to teaching soon. Thank you Tina!

Sandue August 6, 2017
Great dance and a lot of fun (also love the music). I teach a couple of your dances. Looking forward to more. Thanks.

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