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California Heartache

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John Huffman (USA) - May 2017
Heartache on the Dance Floor - Jon Pardi : (Album: California Sunrise)
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Intro: Dance starts after 16 counts, Weight on L

R Lindy, L Lindy
1&2-3-41) Step R to side &) Step L to R 2) Step R to side 3) Rock L behind R 4) Recover to R
5&6-7-85) Step L to side &) Step R to L 6) Step L to side 7) Rock R behind L 8) Recover to L (12:00)

K Step
1-2-3-41) Step R to R diag 2) Touch L to R 3) Step L back 4) Touch R to L
5-6-7-85) Step R to back diag 6) Touch L to R 7) Step L fwd 8) Scuff R (12:00)
Tag/Restart here during walls 2 and 9

L Weave w Point, R Weave w Point
1-2-3-41) Step R across L 2) Step L to side 3) Step R behind L 4) Point L to side
5-6-7-85) Step L behind R 6) Step R to side 7) Step L across R 8) Point R to side (12:00) Let this set create an oval
Optional Styling Tip 1: Replace the points with sweeps
Optional Styling Tip 2: Replace the points with side-kicks

L Weave w 1/4, Rocking Chair
1-2-3-41) Step R across L 2) Step L to side 3) Step R behind L 4) Turn 1/4 L step L fwd
5-6-7-85) Rock R fwd 6) Recover to L 6) Rock R back 8) Recover to L (9:00)

Tag/Restarts: After 16 counts of walls 2 and 9 perform the following 4 count tag then restart the dance from the beginning. Wall 2 facing 9:00, Wall 9 facing 3:00

Tag: At the end of Wall 5, facing 12:00, perform the following 4 count tag (This is the same tag for the restarts on walls 2 and 9)
Jazz Box w Cross
1-2-3-41) Step R across L 2) Step L back 3) Step R to side 4) Step L across R

Repeat, Have fun



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