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Ice Cold Corona

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Easy Intermediate
Pat Stott (UK) - May 2017
Start Over - Zac Brown Band
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#12 count intro

S1: Side , together, chasse right, cross, rock, chasse left
1-2.Right to right, close left to right
3&4Right to right, close left to right, right to right
5- 6.Cross left over right, rock back on right
7&8.Left to left, close right to left, left to left

S2: Weave left with 1/4 turn left, 1/2 turn, hook, shuffle forward
1-4.Weave to left - front, side , behind, turn 1/4 left stepping forward on left
5-6Step forward on right, turn 1/2 left (weight on right), hook left in front of right
7&8.Shuffle fwd - left, right, left

S3: Rock forward, recover, 1/2 shuffle right, rock forward, recover, 1/2 shuffle left
1,2Rock forward on right, recover on left
3&4.1/2 shuffle right
5,6.Rock forward on left, recover on right
7&8.1/2 shuffle left

S4: Paddle turn 1/8th left, paddle turn 1/8th left, jazz box, cross
1-4paddle 1/8 left, paddle 1/8 left
5-8.Cross right over left, back on left, right to right, cross left over right

S5: Side rock, cross shuffle, side, rock, cross shuffle
1-2.Rock right to right, recover on left
3&4.Cross right over left, left to left, cross right over left
5-6.Rock left to left, recover on right
7&8.Cross left over right, right to right, cross left over right

S6: Side, behind, chasse 1/4 right, step, 1/2 pivot, step forward, hold & clap, clap
1-2.Step right to right, cross left behind right
3&4.Right to right. Close left to right, turn 1/4 right stepping forward on right
5-6.Step forward on left, 1/2 pivot right transferring weight to right
7&8.step forward on left, hold & clap, clap

S7: Modified scissor step with cross strut, modified scissor step with cross strut
1-4.Step right to right, close left to right, cross right toe over left, lower heel
5-8.Step left to left, close right to left, cross left toe over right, lower heel

S8: Side, together, back, touch, large step to left, drag right towards left, push right hip to right, left
1-4.Step right to right, close left to right, step back on right, touch left next to right
5-8.Large step to left, slide right to left, bump right hip right, left (weight on left)

Ending: Paddle turns (1/2 in total) to front wall, step forward on right, "cha cha cha" in place.


Totty May 21, 2017
Script now released

Brookey May 23, 2017
Lovely dance

OLDSALTY May 28, 2017
Hi Pat,

Peter and Alison have done a great job with their dance to this Mega track by Zac Brown Band,but I prefer your dance ICE COLD CORONA love and prefer your step patterns. Hope both dances do well you are all talented choreographers.
Love Victoria xxxxx

Totty May 28, 2017
Thank you Brookey and Victoria xx

cleo May 31, 2017

Lovely flowing dance Pat, easy enough for Improvers ready to move up to Intermediate level.

Totty May 31, 2017
Thank you Cleo, I was undecided whether it should be in the improver catagory??

KMV June 6, 2017
did look at Peter and Alisons dance, but decided yours was better suited for my class, teaching tonight and Im sure it will be a big hit xx

G Q October 16, 2017
the dance is nice but some people just dont like the music.

Elma July 28, 2018
Has been on my 'To Do' list for a while. Finally got round to it! We enjoyed both music and the dance. No tags or restarts - which means that at our Social Nights we will be doing it to other tracks. This is one way of keeping the dance 'alive'.

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