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I Must Be Dreaming

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High Improver
Vikki Morris (UK) - May 2017
Don't Wake Me Up - Bo Walton : (Album: Break on Out)
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Start 16 counts on the word “Anyone”

S1: R Toe Strut, L Cross Toe Strut (with clicks), R Side Rock Recover L, Cross R, HOLD
1 2 3 4Touch Right toe to Right side, Slap Right heel down, Cross Left toe over Right, Slap Left heel down
(Arms waist height, click fingers on counts 2 & 4)
5 6 7 8Rock Right to Right Side, Recover on Left, Cross Right over Left, HOLD

S2: L Toe Strut, R Cross Strut (with clicks), L Rock Recover ¼ R Turn, Step L, Scuff R
1 2 3 4Touch Left toe to Left side, Slap Left heel down, Cross Right toe over Left, Slap Right heel down
(Arms waist height, click fingers on counts 2 & 4)
5 6 7 8Rock Left to Left side, Recover Right as you turn ¼ turn Right, Step forward Left, Scuff Right (3)
(Restart here wall 3 facing 9 o clock)

S3: R Lock Step, Scuff L, Pivot ½ Turn R, ½ Turn R, HOLD
1 2 3 4Step forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Step forward Right, Scuff Left
5 6 7 8Step forward Left, Pivot ½ turn Right, Turn ½ turn Right stepping back on Left, HOLD (3)
(Non-turning option for counts 5 6 7 8, Rock forward Left, Recover Right, Back Left HOLD)

S4: Walk Back R, L (with arm swings & clicks), R Coaster, Scuff L
1 2With bent knees walk back Right, Swing arms to Right and click fingers
3 4With bent knees walk back Left, Swing arms to Left and click fingers
5 6 7 8Step back on Right, Step Left next to Right, Step forward Right, Scuff Left
(Step change for count 8, step forward Left, Wall 6 facing 6 o clock then restart dance)

S5: L Lock Step, Scuff/Hitch Right, ¼ L, Twist R, L R
1 2 3 4Step forward Left, Lock Right behind Left, Step forward Left, Scuff & hitch Right
5 6 7 8Turn ¼ turn L stepping Right to Right side, Twist heels Right, Left, Right (12)

S6: Back Rock L, Recover R, Point L, HOLD, L Slow Sailor, HOLD
1 2 3 4Rock back on Left, Recover on Right, Point Left to Left side, HOLD
5 6 7 8Cross Left behind Right, Rock Right to Right side, Recover on Left, HOLD

S7: R Behind, ¼ L, Step R, HOLD, Pivot ½ R, Step L, HOLD
1 2 3 4Cross Right behind Left, Turn ¼ turn Left, Step forward Right, HOLD (9)
5 6 7 8Step forward Left, Pivot ½ turn Right, Step forward Left, HOLD (3)

S8: Triple Full Turn L, HOLD, Stomp Out L, Stomp Out R, Swivet R
1 2 3 4Turn full turn forward over Left on Right, Left, Right, HOLD (non turning: Run R, L HOLD)
5 6Stomp out Left, Stomp our Right,
7 8On ball of Right and heel of Left, Swivet heels Right, Recover to centre (weight on Left)

Restarts :
Wall 3 after 16 counts facing 9 o clock
Wall 6 after 31 counts, Step forward Left facing 6 o clock (start of instrumental part)

Ending will be on S4, replace the Coaster step with a Coaster ½ Right to face the front, Taa-Daa !!

Floor split: My new life



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