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Galway Girl

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Mary Elms (UK) - May 2017
Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran : (Album: Divide, Deluxe)
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#16 Count Intro - No Tags Nor Restarts

Right Kick & Touch. Left Kick & Touch. Right Kick & Touch. Left Kick & Touch
1&2Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Touch Left toe to Left side
3&4Kick Left forward. Step Left beside Right. Touch Right toe to Right side
5&6Repeat steps 1&2
7&8Repeat steps 3&4

Half Pivot. Quarter Pivot. Cross. Hold. & Cross. Hold
1 - 2Step Right forward. Pivot half turn Left (6.00)
3 - 4Step Right forward. Pivot quarter turn Left (3:00)
5 - 6Cross Right over Left, Hold
&7-8Step Left to side. Cross Right over Left. Hold

Hip Sway. Cross Shuffle. Hip Sway. Quarter Turn Shuffle
1 - 2Sway hips, Left and Right
3 - 4Cross Left over Right. Step Right to side. Cross Left over Right
5 - 6Sway hip Right. Step Left quarter Left (12:00)
7 - 8Step forward Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward Right

Rocking Chair. Rock. Recover. Coaster Step
1&2Rock Left forward. Flick Right foot behind knee. Recover onto Right.
4&5Rock Left back. Flick Right foot in front of knee. Recover onto Right
5 - 6Rock Left forward. Recover onto Right.
7&8Step Left back. Step Right beside Left. Step Left forward

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mitzi May 31, 2017
I like the dance.i will teach it in my next class.i wish it was a four wall dance tho

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