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Improver - Smooth NC2S with attitude
Cato Larsen (NOR) - June 2017
Believer - Imagine Dragons : (CD: Imagine Dragons - Evolve - 2017)
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Intro: Start the dance at vocals after 8 counts of intro. (7 seconds).

[1 – 8] Step & Sweep, Cross Rock, 1/4 turn & Sweep ¼ turn, Weave, Sweep, Back Rock, 1/2 Pivot turn, Out-Out, Sway, Push to left side.
1Step forward on right and Sweep left foot clockwise (1). 12:00
2&Cross left over right (2), Rock (recover) weight back again onto right (&).
3Pivot ¼ turn left Stepping forward on left and Sweep right to turn another ¼ turn left (3). 6:00
4&5Cross right over left (4), Step left to left side (&), Cross right behind left and Sweep left counter clockwise (5).
6&Step back on left (open 3rd position) (6), Rock (recover) weight forward again onto right (&).
7Pivot ½ turn right Stepping back on left (7). 12:00
&8&Step right slightly to right side (&), Step left slightly out to left side (8), Sway upper body to right side (&).
1Push off from right to and Step left long Step to left side (1).

[9 – 16] 1/2 Diamond, NC Basic, Coaster Step.
2&Pivot 1/8 turn right and Cross right diagonally behind left (2), Step back on left (&). 1:30
3Pivot 1/8 turn right and Step right to right side (3). 3:00
4&Pivot 1/8 turn right Stepping left diagonally across of right (4), Step forward on right (&). 4:30
5Pivot 1/8 turn right Stepping left to left side (5). 6:00
6&Cross right slightly behind left (6), Cross left slightly over right (&).
7Step right long Step to right side (7).
&8&Step back on left (&), Step right next to left (8), Step forward on left (&).

Contact: - email: - Mob: +47 905 60 948 (SMS)


Pismo June 12, 2017
LOVE THIS! It's going to the top of my teach pile.

DanseNina June 14, 2017
Love it, too. Wonderful to dance, great with the music, looks good and has good mouvements :) Room for attitude, and not to difficult to learn, og teach.

catman September 28, 2017
So cool--doable and fits the music so well. I shortened the track since we're not doing a floor split.

kiarose2 July 9, 2019
love this dance thank you for shareing it

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