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Throwback Swing

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Absolute Beginner
Glynn Rodgers (UK) - July 2017
Throwback Love - Meghan Trainor
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Alt. music:-
You Don’t, You Won’t – Billy Gilman
Vem Vet – Kikki Danielsson
I Might – Shakin’ Stevens

Phrasing: No Tags or Restarts
(Floorsplit for Throwback love)

[1-8] Point Out-In-Out, Weave Left.
1-2Point right to right side, touch right beside left.
3-4Point right to right side, hold (or kick right foot to diagonal).
Easier Tap right toe to right side, hold. Tap right toe to right side, hold.
5-6Cross right behind left, step left to left side.
7-8Cross right over left, hold.

[9-16] Point Out-In-Out, Weave Right.
1-2Point left to left side, touch left beside right.
3-4Point left to left side, hold (or kick left foot to diagonal)
Easier Tap left toe to left side, hold. Tap left toe to left side, hold.
5-6Cross left behind right, step right to right side.
7-8Cross left over right, hold.

[17-24] Sugarfoot Right & Left.
1-2Touch right toe to left instep, dig right heel slightly forward.
3-4Stamp forward right, hold.
5-6Touch left to left right instep, dig left heel slightly forward.
7-8Stamp forward left, hold.

[25-32] Step, Clap, Pivot ¼ Turn, Clap, Side Clap, Side Clap.
1-2Step forward right, clap hands forward.
3-4Pivot ¼ left, clap hands to left side.
5-6Step right to place, clap hands to right side.
7-8Step left to place, clap hands to left side.
Easier All claps can be done centralised rather than side to side.

Note Although I have said to step to place on counts 5&7, it should be more of a rocking motion from side to side once the dancer is comfortable with the dance.


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