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Deja Vu

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High Intermediate
Christian Beierschmitt (USA) - June 2017
Deja Vu (The Voice Performance) - Lauren Duski
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Count In: Dance begins almost immediately. She sings “You never let me GET to..”
Begin the dance on the word ‘Get’.

Notes: There are 2 tags. End of 2nd and 4th wall. Repeat last 8 counts of dance! **

[1 - 8] R night club basic, L night club basic, step R, L chase turn to R, make full turn L
1,2,&Step R to right side (1), Step L Slightly Behind R (2), Cross R over L (&), 12
3,4,&Step L to Left side (3), Step R Slightly Behind L (4), Recover weight on your L (&), 12
5,6Step fwd on R (5), Step fwd on L (6), 12
&,7Making a ½ turn right onto R (&), Step fwd on L (7)(prep to turn left) 6
8,&Turn ½ left stepping back on R (8), turn ½ turn left stepping forward on L (&) 6

[9 - 16] L serpentine weave, continue weave into ¼ right, ½ turn right on toes, walk fwd into ¼ R night club basic
1,2,&Sweep R across L (in the air) (1), Step R across L (2), Step out slightly to left with L (&) 6
3,4,&Step slightly back on R sweeping L behind R (3), Take weight on L behind R (4), Make a ¼ turn right on R(&) 9
5,6,&Step fwd on L raising yourself on the balls of both feet making a ½ turn right (5), Come out of turn taking weight on R (6), walk forward on L (&) 3
7,8,&Make ¼ turn left stepping R to right side (7), Step L behind R (8), Recover weight back to R across L (&) 12

[17 - 24] ¼ turn step L, step R fwd into full pencil left, walk L, walk R, mambo step L, cross lock R, ½ turn right sweep, behind, side.
1,2Make ¼ turn left step fwd on L (1), step fwd on R making full pencil turn left (2), 9
3,4Coming out of turn step fwd on L (3) Step fwd on R (4), 9
5,&,6rock fwd on L (5), recover weight back on R (&), step back on L (6), 9
&,7cross R over L (&), step L out making a ½ turn sweep with R to right with weight on your L (7) 3
8,&Step on R behind L (8), step L to left side (&) 3

[25 - 32] Cross, side, ¼ turn to right, prep L, full turn left, sway right, sway left, sway right, behind side
1,2Cross R over L (1), step L out to left side (2) 3
&,3Make ¼ turn right step R to right side (&), step fwd on L prepping yourself for a full turn to left (3) 6
4,&Make a ½ turn left stepping back on R(4), make ½ turn left stepping fwd on L (&) 6
5,6,7Sway body rhythmically to right weight on R (5), sway body left weight on L (6), sway body right weight on R (7) 6
8&Step L behind R (8) Step R to right side (&) 6

[33 - 40] Rock recover, step back left, ½ twist upper body only, full turn right, side L, cross R over L full unwind
1,2Rock fwd on L (1), recover back onto R (2) (Slightly on the right diagonal) 6
&,3Step L slightly back squaring up to 6:00 (&)twist upper body ½ turn to left and look back (to opposite direction) (3) 12
4,&,5Twist body ½ turn back to right (back to 6:00) taking weight on R (4), ½ turn right stepping back on L (&) ½ turn right stepping fwd on R (5) 6
6,7Step L out to left side (6), step R across L (7) 6
8Unwind slowly to the left (8)(weight stays on the L) 6

TAG: Rock recover, step back left, ½ twist upper body only, full turn right, side L, cross R over L full unwind
Repeat the last 8 counts of the dance. **Must add a ball step on R to begin the tag on the L foot. (R Ball step (&), Rock fwd on L (1) 12
The tag will always begin and end facing 12 O’clock at the end of walls 2 and 4. 12


Last Update - 20th July 2017


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