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Ride With Me (P)

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Improver / Shuffle Partner
John Sandham (ES) & Krys Myerscough (ES) - July 2017
Ride with Me - The Mavericks
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Start in sweetheart position leader on the inside facing LOD both on the same foot
Key to steps Fwd=Forward Bk=Back Lt=Left Rt=Right T=Touch H=Hold

Sec 1.
1 2 3&4Walk Fwd Lt-walk Fwd Rt-Shuffle Fwd Lt-Rt-Lt Rt-Lt-Rt
5 6 7&8Repeat above steps

sec 2.
1-4Vine Lt-2-3-T Rt
5-8.Leader Vine Rt-2-3-T Lt ( lady steps on the spot leaders left hand comes over ladys head to end hands crossed in front both facing across 1/4 turn)

sec 3.
1-4Reverse the above turn change places on vine Lt-2-3-T Rt
5-8(both handsover ladys head) then Walk forward Rt-Lt-Rt-T Lt
( lady 1/4 turn Rt facing Bk. Leader 1/4 Lt to end facing Fwd.turn lady with Rt hand end with Rt arms only around the waist )

sec 4. Pinwheel Turn (facing opposite diection Rt Arms around waists)
1 2 3&4turning 1/2 to leaders Rt walk Lt-Rt-Shuffle Fwd.
5 6 7&8Then Step 1/2 Pivot-Shuffle Fwd on Rt-Lt-Rt
(drop Rt hands on the Step 1/2 pivot shuffle your now on the opposite side join Lt hands around waists)

Sec 5
1 2Reverse the turn turning to leaders Lt on Walk Lt-Rt-
3&4shuffle Fwd Lt Rt Lt. (.let go hands)
5-6Both Step Fwd Rt-then Lt.
7&8leader step Fwd Rt-1/2 Pivot LT.
(lady Step-Step-Shuffle Fwd) now both facing Lod & back in Sweetheart)

Sec 6. now Finish with Both.
1 -4Step Lt-Brush Rt-Step Rt-Brush Lt.
5&6 7&8Shuffle Fwd Lt-Rt-Lt and Rt-Lt-Rt

Start over from sec 1

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