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Despacito Baby

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High Beginner
Britt Christoffersen (DK) - July 2017
Despacito (feat. Justin Bieber) (Remix) - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
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Intro: 16 count, start on the word “Are”
One easy tag end of wall 6

Tag Point Touch
1-2Point R toe to R, Touch R toe beside L

Mambo Fwd, Mambo Back, Mambo Right, Mambo Left
1 & 2Rock R fwd. recover on L, Step R beside L,
3 & 4Rock L back, recover on R, Step L beside R
5 & 6Rock R to R, recover on L, Step R beside L,
7 & 8Rock L to L, recover on R, Step L beside R

Sway R, L, Right Chasse, Sway L, R, Left Chasse
1 - 2Step R to R swaying hips R. Sway hips L.
3 & 4Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R to R side
5 - 6Step L to L swaying hips L. Sway hips R.
7 & 8Step L to L side, Step R beside L, Step L to L side

Paddle Turn ¼ x 2, Cross Samba x 2
1 - 2Step forward R, ¼-turn stepping L to L side,
3 - 4Step forward R, ¼-turn stepping L to L side
5 & 6Cross R over L, Side rock L, Recover R,
7 & 8Cross L over R, Side rock R, Recover L

Rock Step Shuffle Back, Back Rock Shuffle Fwd.
1 - 2Rock R fwd. Recover on L.
3 & 4Step R back, Step L beside R, step R back,
5 - 6Rock L back, Recover on R,
7 & 8Step L fwd. Step R beside L, step L fwd.

Enjoy, have fun and smile



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