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Little Heartbreaker

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Dee Blansett (USA) - August 2017
Heartbreaker - Parmalee
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Step Hook, Step Touch; Right Rock Forward- Recover, Walk Back 2x
1-2Step Right to right (1), Hook left foot while looking ¼ left (2)
3-4Return Left to start position looking forward (3), Touch Right (4) 12:00
5-6Rock forward on Right (5), Recover onto Left (6)
7-8Walk back on Right (7), Walk back on Left (8)

Back Touches X3, Step down Left, Right Shuffle Forward, Left Kick-Ball Change
&1Step back Right to right diagonal (&), Touch Left beside Right (1)
&2Step back Left to left diagonal (&), Touch Right beside left (2)
&3-4Step back Right to right diagonal (&), Touch Left beside Right (3), Step down Left (4)
5&6Shuffle Forward Right-Left Right (5&6)
7&8Kick Left foot forward (7), Bring ball of Left foot home lifting Right foot up (&), Step forward on Right (8) 12:00
Step ¼ Right, Left Cross, Hold & Snap, Point Steps (R&L)
1-2Step forward Left (1), ¼ turn Right- Step Right side right (2)
3-4Cross Left over Right (3), Hold and Snap fingers (4) 3:00
Restart here on rotation 9. Dance 20 counts and restart. You’ll be facing 3:00.
5-8Point Right toe to right (5), Step Right together (6), Point Left toe left (7) Step Left together (8)
Rock-Recover- ½ turn Right, Touch, Side Touch, Keeping weight on Left (Sway knee) Out-In
1-2Rock forward on Right (1), Recover to Left (2)
3-4Turn ½ turn over Right- stepping forward on Right (3), Touch Left beside right (4),
5-6Step Left side left (5), Touch right beside left (6)
7-8Keeping weight to left- Sway knee out to right (7), Sway knee back In (8)
Thank you Amy Auger for your contribution to this dance!
Instructor: Dee Blansett, Chardon, OH -


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