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Delilah EZ!

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Eun Hee Yoon (KOR) - August 2017
Delilah (English Version) - Frank Galan : (Single)
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Intro : 32 count
S1) R side, L behind, 1/4R fwd, shuffle, 1/4R L fwd, L cross shuffle
1-2Step R to R side(1), Step L behind R(2)
3&41/4turn R shuffle fwd, R-L-R (3&4) (3:00)
5-6Step L fwd(5), 1/4 turn R Step R side(6) (6:00)
7&8Step L cross over R(7),Step R next to L(&), Step L cross over R(8)
S2) 1/4L R back, 1/4L L side, R cross, L point, L cross 1/4L R back, L side chasse
1-21/4 turn L, Step R back(1), 1/4 turn L Step L to L side(2) (12:00)
3-4Step R cross over L(3), Point Step L to L side(4)
5-6Step L cross over R(5), 1/4 turn L Step R back(6) (9:00)
7&8Step L to L side(7), Step R next to L(&), Step L to L side(8)
S3) R cross samba, L cross samba, R fwd, rock, R back shuffle
1&2Cross Step R over L(1), Step L to L side(&), Step R recover(2)
3&4Cross Step L over R(3), Step R to R side(&), Step L recover(4)
5-6Step R fwd(5), Step L recover(6)
7&8Shuffle back R-L-R
S4) L back rock, 1/2 Hip bump, R back rock, R kick ball step
1-2Step L back(1), Step R recover(2)
3&4Turning 1/2 R Hip bump L-R-L(3&4) (3:00)
5-6Step R back(5), Step L recover(6)
7&8Kick R fwd(7), Step R next to L(&), Step L a small step fwd(8)


JOGSDC48 August 14, 2017
Wow, surprise. Success for you Eunhee Yoon

JOGSDC48 August 14, 2017
For a singer, maybe you mean Frank Galan

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