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Say Hello

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Linda Nyholm (CAN) - August 2017
Say Hello - Ernie Oldfield
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This is dedicated to all those 'GOOD TIMES LINE DANCERS'—you make me smile—thank you!!
We've been doing this dance for a few years—time to share.

Section I: Step tap, back heel, forward lock
1-2Step Right fwd, tap left toe behind
3-4Step left back, tap right heel fwd
5-6Step right fwd, lock left behind
7-8Step right fwd, brush left (12)

Section II: Repeat section one, starting with left (steps 9-16) (12)

Section III: Cross Rock, turn ¼, cross, step, cross
17-18Cross right over left, step left behind
19-20Step right ¼ to right, hold (3)
21-22Cross left over right,step right beside
23-24Cross left over right, hold

Section IV: Scissors, hinge turn ½
25-26Step right to side, step left next to right
27-28Cross right over left, hold
29-30Step left back, turning ¼ to right, step right forward, turning ¼ (9)
31-32Step forward on left, hold

Do it again, just for fun!!!

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Keep on Dancin December 29, 2017
Thanks to eun mi for posting video--I tried to email you but it won't go through.

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