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When It Rains It Pours

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High Improver
Judi Bisher-Schuler (USA) - September 2017
When It Rains It Pours - Luke Combs
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Restart during 3rd rotation after 20 counts (do first 4 cts. Of weave to right then Restart dance).

Shuffle. Rock Recover, Full Turn, Shuffle
1&2Right Shuffle forward stepping right, left, right.
3,4Rock forward on left, recover on right.
5,6Full Turn to left stepping back on left and forward on right.
7&8Triple in place stepping left, right, left.

Lindy Right and Left
1&2Right side shuffle stepping right, left, right.
3-4Rock back on left, recover on right.
5&6Left side shuffle stepping left, right, left.
7-8Rock back on right, recover on left.

Weave to Right with Side Rock, Behind and Turn.
1,2,3,4Step right to side, step left behind, right to side, left cross over right.
(Restart occurs during third rotation (wall) of dance and happens facing 12:00)
5,6Rock out to right side on right foot, recover on left.
7&8Cross right foot behind, step out to left on left while making ¼ turn to left, and step forward on right foot.

Rock recover, Coaster Step, Toe Struts Right and Left.
1,2Rock forward on left foot, recover on right.
3&4Coaster step left stepping back on left, then right, and step forward on left.
5,6Step right toe forward, drop right heel.
7,8Step left toe forward, drop left heel.



The Wild Rose September 2, 2017
The turn in the FIRST 8 Counts of the dance is NOT a full turn, it is a (1 and 1/2 turns) or to simplify turn only a 1/2 turn to left ending on the 6:00 wall. Sorry for any confusion!

Clubcountry September 6, 2017
Can you please rewrite the script for the first 8 counts. how do you do 1 and 1/2 on two steps. Is the triple part of the turn. Have no clue how to do this. A video would be good. Love the song.

The Wild Rose September 7, 2017
To Clubcountry the turn is on count 5,6 while turning to your left 1/2 turn to 6:00 wall you are stepping forward on your left foot (6:00) on count 5, spinning on ball of foot additional full turn to left taking weight on right foot on count 6 (6:00) and shuffle left, right, left on 7&8 (6:00. I will post a video shortly). Or to modify just turn to left to 6:00 wall a half turn stepping forward on left foot on 5 and forward on right on 6 (6:00).

Tom @ CRRC May 11, 2019
Good dance but not enough to redeem inferior music. Unless you love songs where all the lyrics are sung on the same note.

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