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Our Rebel Heart (P)

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Intermediate Pattern Partner Circle Dance
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - February 2017
Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina
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Alt. music: Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance by Garth Brooks
East Coast Swing Rhythm

Start: Sweetheart position facing LOD, footwork is the same except where noted.

Shuffle forward, Rock, Recover (Lady ½ turn), Slide side, Shuffle side
1&2Shuffle forward L, R, L
3-4Man: Rock forward R, recover L (bringing R arm over lady’s head as she turns)
3-4Lady: Step forward R, turn ½ turn L weight on L (facing BLOD)
5-6Both slide side R slightly, step L beside R (now face to face with partner) (drop R arms)
7&8Shuffle side R, L, R (join L hands as you shuffle side)
(NOTE; partners can clap each others hands on count 6)

Rock back, Recover, Shuffle side, Rock back, Recover (Lady ½ turn), Shuffle forward
1-2Rock back on L, recover R
3&4Shuffle side L, R, L (connect R arm to R arm) (man on ILOD and lady on OLOD)
5-6Man: Rock back R, recover L (bring R arm to lady’s R shoulder as she turns)
5-6Lady: Step forward R (to BLOD), turn ½ turn L weight on L (facing LOD)
7&8Both shuffle forward (to LOD) R, L, R (reconnect L arms)

Shuffle side, Rock, Recover, Shuffle side, Rock, Recover
1&2Shuffle side L, R, L
3-4Rock back on R, recover on L
5&6Shuffle side R, L, R
7-8Rock back on L, recover R

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle (optional full turn)
1-2Walk forward L, R
3&4Shuffle forward L, R, L
5-6Walk forward R, L
7&8Shuffle forward R, L, R
(optional full turn(s) for the lady or both on last 8 counts)

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