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Winner Takes It All

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Phrased Intermediate
Nicola Lafferty (UK) - April 2009
The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
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#34 Count Intro – Begin on word ‘Talk’
Sequence: Ax3, Bx8, Tag, Ax2, B to finish

Part A: 16 counts
A[1-8] Nightclub Basics, 1 & ½ Turn into Basic
1,2&Step RF to R side, Rock LF behind RF, Step RF in place
3,4&Step LF to L side, Rock RF behind LF, Step LF in place
5Make ¼ turn R stepping forward on RF
6Make ½ Turn R stepping back on LF
&Make ½ Turn R stepping forward on RF
7Make ¼ Turn R stepping LF to L side
8&Rock RF behind LF, Recover weight to LF

A[9-16] Side Steps with Sweeps, ¼ Pivot, ¾ Pivot
1Step RF to R side sweeping LF over RF
2&Cross LF over RF, Step RF slightly back
3Step LF to L side sweeping RF over LF
4&Cross RF over LF, Step LF slightly back
5Make ¼ Turn R stepping forward on RF
6&Rock LF forward, Recover weight to RF
7Make a ½ turn over Left shoulder stepping LF forward
8&Step RF forward, Pivot ¾ Turn Left

Part B: 32 counts
B[1-8] 2 Walks, Kick Ball change, Rocking Chair
1,2Walk forward RF, Walk forward LF
3&4Kick RF fwd, Step RF beside LF, Step LF in place
5,6Rock RF forward, Recover weight to LF
7,8Rock RF back, Recover weight to LF

B[9-16] ½ Pivot, Triple Fwd, Weave and Hold
1,2Step RF forward, ½ Pivot to Left
3&4Triple forward R, L, R
5,6Making ¼ Turn L Step LF to L side, Cross RF behind LF
&7Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF

B[17-24] L Side Shuffle, Rock Recover, Turning Shuffles
1&2Step LF to L side, Step RF next to LF, Step LF to L side
3,4Rock RF back, recover weight to LF
5&6Make ¼ Turn L and shuffle back R, L, R
7&8Make ½ Turn L and shuffle forward L, R, L

B[25-32] Side Touches, Pivot Turn into Full Turn
1,2Touch RF to R side, Cross RF over LF
3,4Touch LF to L side, Cross LF over RF
5,6Step RF forward, Pivot ½ Turn Left
7Making ½ Turn L step RF back
8Making ½ Turn L step LF forward

1,2Hold as you slowly collect RF beside LF

End of Dance!


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