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Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - September 2017
Homeland - Derek Ryan
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Intro 80 counts - No Tags or Restarts

Section 1: Side. Hold. Cross. Hold. Slow right Chasse. Brush.
1-4Step right to right side. Hold. Cross left over right. Hold.
5-7Step right to right side. Close left beside right. Step right to right side.
8Brush left foot forward towards right diagonal.

Section 2: Cross Strut. Back Strut. Slow left Chasse. Brush.
1-2Cross left toes over right foot. Drop left heel to the floor.
3-4Touch right toes back. Drop right heel to the floor.
5-7Step left to left side. Close right beside left. Step left to left side.
8Brush right foot forward.

Section 3: Step. Tap. Step. Kick. Slow Back Shuffle. Hitch ½ turn left (moving back).
1-2Step forward on right. Tap left toes in place.
3-4Step left in place. Kick right foot forward.
5-7Step back on right. Close left beside right. Step back on right.
8Hitch left knee up turning ½ back over the left shoulder.

Section 4: Slow Forward Shuffle Hold. Walk. Hold Walk. Hold.
1-4Step forward on left. Close right beside left. Step forward on left. Hold.
5-8Walk forward on right. Hold. Walk forward on left. Hold.

Note: At the end of the song the music slow down, just sway until the end or stop dancing as it slows down.


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