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My Galway Girl

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Improver / Intermediate
Joe Sexton (USA) - September 2017
Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran
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Start After 16 Counts – 1 Restart

&Hitch R. Knee (pointing right toe down) (Optional To Start Dance)

[1-8] Hitch, Step-Lock-Step (x2), Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2&Step R. Crossing over Left – Lock L. behind Right – Step R. Forward – Hitch L. Knee (pointing left toe down)
3&4&Step L. Crossing over Right – Lock R. behind Left – Step L. Forward – Hitch R. Knee (pointing right toe down)
5-6Rock Fwd. on R., Recover Back on L.
7&8Step Back R. – Step L. beside Right – Step Forward R.

[9-16] Left Scissor Step, Right Scissor Step, 3/4 Hinge Turn, Step, Hold, Hitch
1&2Rock L. to Left Side – Recover on Right – Cross L. Over Right
3&4Rock R. to Right Side – Recover on Left – Cross R. over Left
5-8Step L. to Left Side Making a 1/4 turn Right, Step Back R. making ½ turn to Right, Step Forward L., Hold (9:00)
&Hitch R. Knee (pointing right toe down)
Restart here on 5th wall – On the 9th wall do a full turn to come back to the front wall

[17-24] Toe-Hook-Toe-Flick-Back-Lock-Back-Hitch (x2)
1&2&Touch R. Toe Forward – Hook R. Heel over Left – Touch R. Toe Forward – Flick R. Heel out to Right
3&4&Step Back on R. – Step back on L. Locking over R. – Step Back on R. – Hitch L. Knee
5&6&Touch L. Toe Forward – Hook L. Heel over Right – Touch L. Toe Forward – Flick L. Heel out to Left
7&8Step Back on L. – Step Back on R. Locking over Left – Step Back on L.

[25-32] Rock Back, Recover, Heel & Heel & Toe & Heel & Toe, Hold-Hitch
1-2Rock Back on R., Recover Fwd. on L.
3&4&Touch R. Heel (toe optional) Fwd. – Step R. beside Left – Touch L. Heel (toe optional) Fwd. – Step L. beside Right
5&6&Touch R. Toe Back – Step R. beside Left – Touch L. Heel (toe optional) Fwd. – Step L. beside Right
7-8Touch R. Toe Back, Hold
&Hitch R. Knee (pointing right toe down)


Restart after 16 counts on 5th wall facing 9:00



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