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What If I Stay

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Julia Wetzel (USA) - September 2017
What If I Stay - Chris Young : (Album: I'm Comin' Over - 3:25)
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Intro: 16 counts (approx. 11 sec. into track)

[1 – 8] Side, Cross Rock, Chasse, Cross, ¼ Back, Side, Together
1 - 3Step R to right side (1), Cross rock L over R (2), Recover on R (3) 12:00
4&5Step L to left side (4), Step R next to L (&), Step L to left side (5) 12:00
6, 7Cross R over L (6), ¼ Turn right step L back (7) 3:00
8&Step R to right side (8), Step L next to R (&) 3:00
*Restart here on Wall 4 & Wall 8 (after Tag) facing 12:00

[9 – 16] Side, Touch, Side, Touch, Chasse, Behind Rock, Side, ½ Sailor
1&2&Step R to right side (1), Touch L next to R (&), Step L to left side (2), Touch R next to L (&) 3:00
3&4Step R to right side (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R to right side (4) 3:00
5 - 7Rock L behind R (5), Recover on R (6), Step L to left side and start sweeping R from side to back (7) 3:00
8&Cross R behind L making ¼ turn right (8), ¼ Turn right step L to left side (&) 9:00
*Insert Bridge (Rocking Chair) here on Wall 2 facing 12:00

[17 – 24] Step, Locking Step, Step, ½ Pivot, Locking Step, Step, Tap
1, 2&3Step R fw (1), Step L fw (2), Lock R behind L (&), Step L fw (3) 9:00
4, 5Step R fw (4), Pivot ½ turn left step L fw (5) 3:00
6&7Step R fw (6), Lock L behind R (&), Step R fw (7) 3:00
8&Step L fw (8), Tap R behind L (&) 3:00

[25 – 32] Back, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross, Point, ¾, ¼ Run
1, 2&Step R back sweep L from front to back (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to right side (&) 3:00
3&4&Cross rock L over R (3), Recover on R (&), Rock L to left side (4), Recover on R (&)
Styling: Keep body in place over R while ‘rocking’. These steps should feel more like weight switches 3:00
5, 6Cross L over R (5), Point R to right side and torque upper body to left side (prep) (6) 3:00
7, 8&¾ Turn right on ball of L keep R foot in front of L ankle while turning (Coupe Turn) and prepare to land on R (7), Step R fw to right diag. (12:00) (8), ⅛ Turn right step L next to R (1:30) (&), ⅛ Turn right step R to right side (3:00) (1) 3:00
Full Turn Option: Full turn right on ball of L (3:00) (7), Step R fw to right diag (8), Step L next to R (&)

Bridge: On Wall 2, dance up to count 16& then do a 4-count Rocking Chair (Rock R fw (1), Recover L (2), Rock R back (3), Recover L (4)) facing 12:00 before continuing with count 17

Restart: On Wall 4, dance up to count 8& then start Wall 5 facing 12:00

On Wall 8, dance up to count 8&, do the following 4-count Tag then start Wall 9 facing 12:00
Tag: Step R to right side and sway hip R (1), L (2), R (3), L (4) weight ending on L

Ending On Wall 11, dance up to count 7 then shuffle ¼ turn right to face 12:00,

Last Update - 6th Jan. 2017


Stokies September 22, 2017
It's a Lovely dance Julia. Dawn Sherlock England. Uk just posted this on Face Book you have a lot of fans in the Uk well deserved it has to be said.Best Wishes Victoria. Wales UK Good Luck with this one really nice

Dancingfool62 September 23, 2017
i love this dance and music
love Elly

ROSIE September 23, 2017
Wow Julia this is a big hit x

Julia1wetzel September 23, 2017
Thank you very much Victoria, Elly and Rosie. I am thrilled that you like my little country cha cha. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me your kind words. xx

Kato September 24, 2017
Julia you've done it again! What a beautiful track and another innovative choreography. Definitely teaching this one as I'm sure everyone will love this as much as they did 'Gentleman'. Well done again and I hope it does well for you. Xx

Julia1wetzel September 25, 2017
Thanks a lot for teaching this dance and Gentleman Kato. I'm very flattered that you enjoy my choreography. Thank you for your nice comment. xx

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