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I Love You

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Beginner / Newcomer NC
Satu Ketellaper - September 2017
Why I Love You - MAJOR.
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Sequence: Restart on 5th wall after 16 counts

[1-8] R Basic, L Basic, sweep, ¼ turn, cross, side step
1-2&RF to R side, step LF next to RF, cross RF over LF
3-4&LF to L side, step RF next to LF, cross LF over RF
5-6sweep RF to front, LF step back
&7turn ¼ to R side (3:00), RF step to R side
8&LF cross over RF, RF step to R side

[9-16] sweep, cross, side step ¼ turn, step FWD, half turn, walks FWD 3x, Rock step
1-2Sweep RF behind LF, RF cross behind LF
&3LF step to L side ¼ turn (12:00), RF step FWD
4½ turn (6:00)
5-7Walks FWD R, L, R
8&RF rockstep FWD, recover

[17-24] step ¼ turn, Sways, step ¼ turn, pivot ½ turn, step ¼ turn, cross, ½ turn
1-2&Step ¼ turn (3:00) and sway to L side, sway to R side, sway to L side
3-4&RF step ¼ turn (6:00), LF step fwd and make ½ turn to R side (12:00), RF step FWD
5-6&LF step ¼ turn to L side (3:00), RF cross behind LF, LF step ¼ turn (12:00)
7-8RF step fwd, ½ turn (6:00)

[25-32] sweeps 2x, pivot turn 2x, touch
1-2LF sweep behind RF
3-4RF sweep behind LF
5-8LF step fwd, RF step ½ turn (12:00), LF step ½ turn (6:00), RF touch next to LF



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