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Down On Your Uppers

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Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - September 2017
Down On Your Uppers - Derek Ryan
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#32 count intro from lyrics starting dance on the instrumental section

Section 1: Twist, Twist, Heel, Hook, Forward, Touch, Back, Touch
1 2Twist/swivel both heels right (1), twist/swivel both heels back to center (2)
3 4Dig right heel forward (3), hook right across left (4)
5 6Step forward right on slight right diagonal (5), touch left next to right (6)
7 8Step back left on slight left diagonal (7), touch right next to left (8)

Section 2: Grapevine R, Grapevine ¼ L Brush
1 2Step right to right side (1), cross left behind right (2)
3 4Step right to right side (3), touch left next to right (4)
5 6Step left to left side (5), cross right behind left (6)
7 8¼ turn left stepping forward on left (7), brush right forward (8) [9:00]

Section 3: R Rocking Chair, R Heel Strut, L Heel Strut
1 2Rock forward on right (1), recover on left (2)
3 4Rock back on right (3), recover on left (4)
5 6Right heel forward (5), drop right toe (6)
7 8Left heel forward (7), drop left toe (8)

Section 4: Forward, Swivel Heel/Toe/Heel, Forward, Swivel Heel/Toe/Stomp
1 2Stomp right slightly forward on right diagonal (1), swivel left heel in towards right heel (2)
3 4Swivel left toe in towards right heel (3), swivel left heel in towards right heel (4)
5 6Stomp left slightly forward on left diagonal (5), swivel right heel in towards left heel (6)
7 8Swivel right toe in towards left heel (7), stomp right next to left (8)

Contact: Gary O’Reilly - - 00353857819808

11 APR '21 50


Helenb1959 October 13, 2017
Brilliant Dance to a lovely catchy song it'll get into your head and you'll be singing it all the time well done Gary another dance floor hit

EllieMae October 30, 2017
Taught this dance last week. Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. No tags or restarts - so sing along and enjoy the dance.

Orangecat November 27, 2017
Brilliant dance to spectacular music! Love it!

Rising Sun Dancers March 15, 2018
What a fabulous little dance for St. Patricks Day! Love it!! Taught it this week. Debra xxx

nona May 7, 2018
Such a fun dance! Thanks Gary O'Reilly!!

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