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Baila Conmigo

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Easy Intermediate
Grace David (KOR) & Mayee Lee (MY) - November 2017
Baila Conmigo - DJ Elix & DJ Belly
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Intro: Start after 32 counts or start atapprox. 0.22 seconds - No Tag No Restart !

[1 – 8] Corta Jaca, Fwd Lock Step, ¼ Pivot to L, Botafogo
1&2&Press LF heel Fwd,Step RF in place, Press ball of LF back, Step RF in place
3&4Step LF Fwd, Lock RF behind LF, Step LF Fwd
5- 6Step RF Fwd, ¼ Turn to Left stepping LF on side
7&8Cross RF over LF, Step LF on ball L side, Recover on RF 9.00

[9 – 16] Cross Rock, Side Rock, Back Rock, Side, Cross Rock ¼ Turn to R, Cross Shuffle
1&2&Cross Rock LF, Recover on RF, Side Rock LF, Recover on RF
3&4Cross behind RF, RF Recover, LF Step Fwd slightly diagonal
5&6Cross Rock RF, Recover on LF, ¼ Turn to R Stepping RF Fwd
7&8Cross LF over RF, Step RF on ball behind LF, Cross LF over RF 12.00

[17 – 24] Step Lock, Fwd Lock Step, ½Pivot to R, Botafogo
1-2Step RF Fwd, Lock LF behind RF
3&4Step RF Fwd, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF Fwd
5-6Step LF Fwd, ½ Turn to R putting weight on RF
7&8Cross LF over RF, Step RF on ball R side, LF Recover 6.00

[25 – 32] Cross Rock with hip roll, R side Chasse, Cross Rock with hip roll, Side Chasse
1 – 2Cross Rock RF starting hip roll (clockwise), Recover on LF ending the hip roll
3&4Step RF on R side, Step LF next to RF, Step RF to R side
5 - 6Cross Rock LF starting hip roll (counter-clockwise), Recover on RF ending the hip roll
7&8Step LF on L side, Step RF next to LF, step LF to L SIde 6.00

[33 – 40] Forward R L to Diagonal L, R Botafogo, Walk Forward L R To Diagonal R, L Botafogo
1 – 2Step RF to diagonal L, Step L to diagonal L 4.30
3&4Cross RF over LF, rock LF to L, recover on RF 6.00
5 – 6Step LF to diagonal R, step RF to diagonal L 7.30
7&8Cross LF over RF, Step RF on ball to R side, recover on LF 6.00

[41 – 48] Cross R, Hold, L Side, R Cross, L Side , R Cross, Syncopated Volta ¾ Turn L
1 - 2Cross RF over LF, Hold
&3&4Step LF to L SIde, Cross RF over LF, step LF to L Side, Cross RF over LF 6.00
5 – 6¼ turn L step LF forward(3.00), ¼ turn L step RF on ball behind LF(12.00) 12.00
7&8¼ turn L step LF forward(9.00), step RF on ball behind LF, ¼ turn L step LF forward 6.00

[49 – 56] Vaudeville To L & R, Bump R Hip, Together, Bump L Hip, Together
1&2&Cross RF over LF, step LF to L Side, step RF heel to diagonal R, step RF beside LF
3&4&Cross LF over RF, step RF to R, step LF heel to diagonal L, step LF beside RF
5 – 8Touch & bump RF hip to diagonal R, Step RF beside LF, Touch & bump LF hip to diagonal L, Step LF beside RF 6.00

[57 – 64] R Side Rock, Recover L, R Forward, Touch L With Bump, Basic Back Samba L & R
1 – 4Rock RF to R Side, recover on LF, Step RF forward, Touch & bump LF hip beside RF
5&6Rock LF back, recover on RF, step LF beside RF
7&8Rock RF back, recover on LF, step RF beside LF 6.00

Ending: During wall 5 (12.00) Dance 4 counts, and step RF out, step LF out, step RF in, step LF in, Strike a Pose 10-2059-1030 &


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