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Cheryl Carter (UK) - December 2017
Ticks - Brad Paisley : (iTunes)
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Intro: 26 Secs (start on vocal “sip”)

Section 1: Side close back, Coaster, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1 & 2Step Right to Right side, close Left next to Right, step back Right
3 & 4Step back Left, close Right next to Left, Step forward Left
5 - 6Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left
7 & 8Step forward Right, close left beside Right, step forward Right

Section 2: Side close forward, Forward Coaster, Back, Back, 1/4 Chasse
1 & 2Step Left to Left side, close Right next to Left, step forward Left
3 & 4Step forward Right, close Left next to Right, step back Right
5 - 6Step back Left, step back Right
7 & 8Turn 1/4 Left stepping Left to Left side, Close Right next to Left, step Left to left side
***Restart*** Wall 4

Section 3: Weave & Cross, Side Rock, Behind & Cross
1 - 2Cross Right over Left, step Left to Left side
3 & 4Cross Right behind Left, step Left to Left side, cross Right over Left
5 - 6Rock Left to Left side, recover onto Right
7 & 8Cross Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right

Section 4: Scissor, Side-Tap-Tap, Jazz Box Cross
1 & 2Step Right to Right side, close Left next to Right, cross Right over Left
3 & 4Step Left to Left side, Tap the Right foot twice towards Left (weight remains on Left)
5-6-7-8Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right

Restart : On Wall 4, dance the first 16 Counts and Restart facing 12 o’clock Wall

Choreographers Note: The two walks forward in section 1 & the two steps back in section 2 can be replaced with a full turn to the left, in the same direction, as an option to make it an Improver level.
I hope you enjoy the dance xx



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