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A Little Attraction

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Absolute Beginner
Juliet Lam (USA) - December 2017
Undress Rehearsal - Timeflies
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Intro : 16 counts (Approx. 8 seconds into track)

Sec 1: Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, Rocking Chair
1 - 2Touch right toe forward, drop right heel down putting weight on right
3 - 4Touch left toe forward, drop left heel down putting weight on left
5 - 8Rock forward on right, recover on left, rock back on right, recover on left

Sec 2: Walk Forward X 3, Kick Left, Walk Back X 3, Touch
1 - 4Walk forward right, left, right, kick left forward
5 - 8Walk back left, right, left, touch right beside left

Sec 3: Vine Right, 1/4 Turn Right, Hitch Left, Walk Back X 3, Touch
1 - 4Step right to side, step left behind right, ¼ right, step right fwd, hitch left (3:00)
5 - 8Walk back left, right, left, touch right beside left

Sec 4: V Step, Right Forward, Left Forward, Bounce Twice
1 - 4Step right forward to right diagonal, step left forward to left diagonal,step right back to center, step left beside right
5 - 6Step right forward, step left forward next to right
7 - 8Raise both heels & bounce twice (Ending weight on left)

Repeat & Enjoy

Contact: Juliet Lam,


Jazzbox June 8, 2019
Love this dance, it will go to a lot of music. Thank you for the tutorials and demos.

Sanduey July 12, 2021
I definitely agree with Jazzbox - good dance.

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