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Chicken Truck

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Joke Mozes (NL) & John Warnars (NL) - November 2017
Shane Owens - Chicken Truck.. - 166 bpm
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Intro 16 counts. Info : No Tags/Restarts.

Step, Lock, Step, Scoot Fwd & Hitch, Step, Lock, Step, Scuff Fwd;
1 2 3 4RF step forward, LF lock behind RF, RF step forward, RF scoot forward & LF make a hitch
5 6 7 8LF step forward, RF lock behind LF, LF step forward, RF scuff forward

Rock Fwd, Recover, Step Back, Kick Fwd, Coaster Cross (slow), Hold;
1 2 3 4RF rock forward, recover back on LF, RF step back, LF kick forward
5 6 7 8LF step back, RF close next LF, RF step across LF, hold

Diagonal R Kick, Ball Step (right side), Cross Rock Back, Recover, L Side Step, Cross Behind, ¼ Turn L Fwd, Toe Tap;
1 2 3 4RF kick right forward, RF step on ball aside, LF cross rock behind RF, recover back on RF
5 6 7 8LF step to L side, RF cross behind LF, LF ¼ turn left [9] step forward, RF toe tap next LF

½ Monterey Turn R with Touch, ½ Rumba Box Fwd, Hold or R Scuff;
1 2RF point to R side, RF ½ turn right [3] and LF close next RF
3 4LF point to L side, LF toe tap next RF
5 6 7 8LF step to L side, RF close next LF, LF step forward, hold or RF scuff forward
1RF start again.

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