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I Love U 2

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John Sandham (ES) & Krys Myerscough (ES) - January 2018
I Cant Stop Loving You : Nathan Carter : Live at the Marquee
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Sec 1. Triple Rt-2-3 Rock Rec Triple Lt-2-3- Rock rec
1&2Triple to Right side on Rt-Lt-Rt.
3-4Rock Back on Left-Recover on to Right.
5&6Triple to Left Side on Lt-Rt-Lt.
7-8Rock back on right-Recover on to Left.

Sec 2.Triple Fwd Rt-2-3 Rock Rec Triple Back lt-2-3 Rock Rec.
1&2Triple forward on right-Left-Right.
3-4Rock forward on Left-Recover back on Right.
5&6Triple Back on Left-Right-left.
7-8Rock back on Right-recover forward on to Left.

Sec 3.1/4 Pivot- Cross Triple- Rock- Rec-Behind-Side-Front.
1-2step Forward on Right foot-Pivot 1/4 Turn Left on both feet.
3&4Cross Right over left-step Left to side-Cross Right over Left.
5-6Rock Left foot to side-Recover on to Right foot.
7&8Step left Behind Right-Right foot to Side-Cross Left over Right.

Sec 4. Switch Rt-H-Tt-H-Fwd & Fwd & Tap H (H =Hold)
1-2Touch Right toe to Right-Hold for 1 count.
2-4Bring Right in place as you Touch Left to Side-Hold 1 count.
5&6Touch Right Forward - Bring Right in place-Touch Left foot Forward.
&7-8Bring Left in Place-Touch Right next to Left-Hold for 1 count.

Start over!

John Sandham & Krys M
Facebook - Costa Blanca Line Dance


Pony Chen January 8, 2018

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