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Lots of Tension

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Judy Rodgers (USA) - January 2018
Tension - Fergie
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Intro: 16 counts - (No Tags - No Restarts)

S1: Step, drag/touch, turn ¼ L step, drag, ball cross, side, sailor turn 1/4 L
1-2Step big step right with R, drag/touch L beside R
3-4Turn 1/4 left step big step left with L, drag R to L - 9:00
&5-6Step R beside L, cross L over R, step R to right side
7&8Turn 1/4 left step L behind R, step R to right side, step L fwd - 6:00

S2: Hip bumps, mambo step, side, behind, side, cross, side, clap clap
1&2Bump hips fwd R L R
3&4Rock L fwd, recover R, step L back
5&6&Step R to right side, step L behind R, step R to right side, step L across R
7&8Step R to right side, clap, clap (weight on R)

S3: Rock, recover, shuffle turn 1/2, V-step
1-2Rock L forward, recover to R
3&4Turn ½ left shuffle L R L fwd - 12:00
5-6Step R out, step L out
7-8Step R in, step L in

S4: Side, behind, shuffle turn 1/4 R, step/ bump & bump & bump, hold
1-2Step R to right side, step L behind R
3&4Turn 1/4 right shuffle fwd R L R - 3:00
5&6&7-8Step L as you bump hips left & left & left, hold
(**styling: Lean a little more left each time you bump left)


Happy Feeet January 9, 2018
Thank you, Judy for this easier version of Tension. We will dance it with "Lots of Fun". Mahalo from Hawaii.

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