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Easy Newcomer
Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - January 2018
Dirty Work - Austin Mahone
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Touch right, together, touch right, behind side forward, repeat but on left foot
1RF touch right
&RF close LF
2RF touch right
3RF back LF
&LF close RF
4RF forward
5LF touch left
&LF close RF
6LF touch left
7LF back RF
&RF close LF
8LF forward

Mambo right, mambo left, 4 walks back, or moonwalk
1RF right
&weight LF
2RF close LF
3LF left
&Weight on RF
4LF close RF
5-84 walks back or moonwalk start with RF

COASTER STEP, lock-step forward, mambo forward, mambo back
1RF back
&LF close RF
2RF forward
3LF forward
&RF lock behind LF
4LF forward
5RF forward
&weight on LF
6RF close LF
7LF back
&Weight on RF
8LF close RF

JAZZ BOX ¼ turn right, out out, in in, out out, in in
1Rf cross over left
21/8 turn right, LF back
3turn 1/8 RF step right
4LF step forward
&RF step out
5LF step out left
&RF step in
6LF step in
&Rf step out right
7LF step out left
&RF step in
8LF step in
Start again

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Tina M. January 12, 2018
To my fellow "older" dancers--anyone who has fantasized about doing the moonwalk, just watch Raymond's extremely clear teaching video. Our dreams can become reality!

Donna Beard April 2, 2018
The description says 'Walls: 0', which would mean a circle dance. This is clearly a 4-wall dance.

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