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Stand By My Woman Man

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Pat Stott (UK) - January 2018
(I'm a) Stand by My Woman Man - Ronnie Milsap
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Intro: 40 seconds on "Stand"

Step forward, point left, step forward, point right, point forward, point right, step forward, point left
1-2.Step forward on right, point left to left
3-4.Step forward on left, point right to right
5-6.Point right toe forward, point to right side
7-8.Step forward on right, point left to left

Step forward, kick, step back, hook, step forward, kick, step back, touch left next to right
1-2.Step forward on left, kick right forward
3-4.Step back on right, swing left in front of right & hook
5-6.Step forward on left, kick right forward.
7-8.Step back on right, touch left toe next to right foot

Vine left with 1/4 turn left, brush up, 3 walks back, close
1-4.Left to left, cross right behind left, turn 1/4 left stepping forward on left, brush right forward raising the foot up in preparation to walk back
5-8. 3walks back - right, left, right, close left next to right
*(Restart here during wall 3)

Out, in, step, slide, out, in, step, slide
1-2.Point right toe to right, touch right next to left
3-4.Large step to right, slide left to right
5-6.Point left toe to left, touch left next to right
7-8.Large step to left, slide right to left

Begin dance again

*Restart here during wall 3 facing 3 o'clock

Ending slows down but dance normal speed until the end of section one, step left to left.


Stokies January 30, 2018
As far as I'm concerned as a teacher when a newcomer joins your class you need clever little dances like this one to convince them that they can do it. To easy and they are bored to hard and you wont see them again.Its a Goldilocks and 3 bears story Pat THIS ONE IS JUST RIGHT Thank You Pat Stott you little genius great little dance too a catchy Ronnie Milsap track Best Wishes VickyXX

Keep on Dancin January 30, 2018
I completely agree with Vicky---I encourage absolute beginners to one of my classes--and they love something with a happy beat and steps that aren't too scary for them. Love this dance--and I know the beginners--and the more experienced dancers will love it, too. Many thanks!!

Totty January 30, 2018
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I'm so pleased you are enjoying it. Music is a fun track xx

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