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Easy Intermediate
Wendy Loh (MY) - September 2017
Dance start on word ‘Wind…..’

Section 1: L Step Touch, R Step Touch, Forward Step Touch, Back Step Touch
1 2 3 4Step LF to L, Touch RF beside LF, Step RF to R, Touch LF beside RF
5 6 7 8Step LF Forward, Touch RF beside LF, Step RF back, Touch LF beside RF

Section 2: Touch LF to L Hip Bump, Scuff, 1/2Turn, Bend Knees, Straight Both Knees
1 2 3 4Touch LF to L with Hip Bump to R – 4 times (weight on RF)
5 6Scuff LF, 1/2R Turn Step LF to L (6:00)
7 8Bend knees and straight both knees

Section 3: Repeat Section 1 (facing 6:00)

Section 4: Repeat Section 2

Section 5: Walk With Knee Pop, Head Turn
1 2 3 &4Walk with knee pop on RF,LF,RF, Head Turn to R & Turn back to middle
5 6 7 &8Walk with Knee pop on LF,RF,LF, Head turn to L & Turn back to middle

Section 6: Cross Side Sailor Step, Cross Side Sailor ¼ Turn
1 2 3 &4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, Cross RF behind LF, Step LF next to RF, Step RF to R
5 6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R,
7 & 8Cross LF behind RF, 1/4L Turn Step LF next to RF, Step LF Forward

Section 7: Pivot ½ Turn, Walk, Walk –x2
1 2 3 &4Step RF(9:00) Forward, Pivot 1/2L Turn, Walk on RF, LF
5 6 7 &8Step RF(3:00) Forward, Pivot 1/2L Turn, Walk on RF,LF

Section 8: Kick Ball Touch 1/8R Turn x2, Step Back
1 & 2Kick RF Forward, Step RF on ball, Touch LF to L with 1/8R Turn (facing 10:30)
3 & 4Kick LF Forward, Step LF on ball, Touch RF to R with 1/8R Turn (facing 12:00)
5 6 7 8Step RF diagonal Back, Step LF diagonal Back, Step RF Back, Step LF Back

Section 9: Posture
1 2 3 4Step on RF with weight on Right (1), hold (2,3,4)
5 6 7 8Step on LF, change weight to Left (5), hold (6,7,8)

Section 10: Cross Rock, 1/2Turn, Stomp
1 & 2 &Cross RF over LF, ball on LF, Step RF to R, ball on LF,
3 & 4Cross RF over LF, ball on LF, Step RF to R,
5 & 6 &Cross LF over RF, ball on RF, Step LF to L, ball on RF
7 8Straightly 1/2R turn Step LF to L, Step RF to R


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