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Fake I.D.

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Phrased Intermediate
Jamal Sims (USA) & Dondraico Johnson (USA) - January 2018
Fake ID (feat. Gretchen Wilson) - Big & Rich
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Transcribed by Mylene Reyes, Judi Grater, Gina Cariveau & Jim Murray

As taught by Jamal Simms per his video
#16 count intro - sequence AAB tag AB AAB tag AB+ tag AAAA

TAG: 4 counts of music - all tags turn ½ turn to the left
1&2&3&4& -R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L (weight on L) (Sty: Bend at waist & lead with backside)

Do all of B and repeat counts 9-16.

(Sty: )
These are all optional moves as done in the movie and by the choreographer. They are all
noted in italics & preceded with sty:

PART A - 32 counts
A1: Wizard step, Heel & Heel, Side Behind/Hitch & Cross, Kick & Hitch 1/4 turn L
1-2&Step fwd on R, lock L behind R, step R fwd
3&4L heel fwd, step L next to R, R heel fwd
5-6Step R to R side, hop onto L hitching R at same time (Sty: Slap right thigh w/right hand)
&7&8step R to R, cross L in front of R, kick R to R side & hitch R making 1/4 left

A2: 1/4 L, Side Behind & Cross, 1/4 turn Step R, 1/4 turn step L
1-2& 1/4 turn L, step R to R side, L behind R, R to R side
3-4Cross L in front of R, 1/4 turn R stepping R, 1/4 R stepping L
5-7Stomp R 3 times (pretend holding & strumming a guitar with hands)
8Jump into 1/4 turn R

A3: Toes out in out, Jump 3 times making ½ turn, Hop toe ½ turn hitch, hop toe ½ turn hitch
1&2Toes out, toes together, toes out (Sty: Thumbs tucked into pockets or belt)
3&4Jump 3 times with feet together making ½ turn L (weight on R)
5&6Hop on L, Right toe touch back, pivot on L ½ turn R hitching right leg up
7&8Hop on R, Left toe touch back, pivot on R ½ turn L hitching left leg up

A4: Step ½ Turn, Shuffle Forward, Step 1/4 turn, Step 1/4 turn
1-2Step fwd on L, ½ turn R (weight on R)
3&4Step L forward, R next to L, L forward
5-6Step R Forward pivoting on R into 1/4 turn L, step L (Sty: Bend at waist & roll hips as
7-8Step R Forward pivoting on R into 1/4 turn L, step L slap hip/side with right hand)

PART B - 16 counts
B1: Back, Step in place 3 times, Back w/Knee pop, Step, 1/4 step, claps
1Step R back
2&3Step in place L, R, L
4Step back R at same time as doing L knee pop fwd (left heel up, toe touching floor)
5-6Step fwd L, Sweep R into 1/4 turn pointing toe (weight on left) - Hips now facing new wall, shoulders facing old (kind of twisted)
7&8&Clap hands 4 times in air over right shoulder (weight on L)

B2: Step R swinging hips, Step L swinging hips, 2 Heel Jacks
1-2Step R to R side dipping down & swing hips right, as come up keep weight on R **
3-4Step L to L side dipping down & swing hips left, as come up keep weight on L **
&5&6Step R back, cross L over R, step R to R side, touch L heel fwd at an angle
&7&8Step L back, cross R over L, step L to L side, touch R heel fwd at an angle

** (Sty: swing of hips is like going out & around a pole; as you step right, bring the right arm up as if to show of your biceps, as you step to the left, bring the left arm up


Last Update - 4th Feb. 2018


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