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Stumbling In

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Tina Argyle (UK) - January 2018
Stumbling in (feat. Kelly McCall) - Paul Bailey : (
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Count In : 32 counts from start of track approx 16 seconds in

Diagonal Step Touch Behind. Back, Side. Diagonal Step Touch Behind, Back, ¼ Turn.
1- 2Step forward right across left facing left diagonal, tap left behind right
3-4Step back left squaring up to 12 o’clock, step right to right side
5-6Step forward left across right facing right diagonal, tap right behind left
7-8Step back right squaring up to 12 o’clock, make ¼ turn left stepping forward left (9 o’clock)

Step Lock, Step, Lock, Step. Step ¼ Turn, Cross Hold With Clap
1 -2Step forward right, lock left behind right
3&4Step forward right, lock left behind right, Step forward right
5- 6Step forward left, make ¼ turn right onto right (12 o’clock)
7- 8Cross left over right, hold with clap
*** Re-start here during walls 5 & 11 instead of hold & clap brush right across left and re start ***

R Side, Together Cross Shuffle. L Side, Together Cross Shuffle.
1- 2Step right to right side, close left at side of right
3&4Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5- 6Step left to left side, close right at side of left
7&8Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right

Side, Behind & Cross, Side. Rock Back, Recover, ¼ Turn, Brush
1 – 2Step right to right side, cross left behind right
&3-4Step right to right side, cross left over right, Step right to right side
5 – 6Rock left behind right, recover
7-8Make ¼ turn left stepping fwd left, brush right across left (9 o’clock)

Many thanks to Paul Bailey for asking me to write to this track! X

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Last Update - 2nd Feb. 2018


dancer33 January 31, 2018
What a gorgeous track . Can’t wait to dance this tomorrow. Thank you Tina for another great dance.

DaisyMae February 12, 2018
Yes, beautiful track, wonderful dance!!! Tina, I love your dances!

Pony Chen March 1, 2018

Dancing Bear May 21, 2018
Nice little beginner dance from Tina and the music good too, easily available on iTunes.

Orangecat May 26, 2018
Great music and dance and will be next week's teach!

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