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We Go Good Together

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Silvia Schill (DE) - February 2018
Good Together - James Barker Band
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The dance begins with the singing

Side-Behind-Side Heel & Cross, Back ¼ Turn r, Step Turn, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step RF to right, LF cross behind RF
& 3Step RF to right, tap LF heel diagonally forward
& 4LF beside RF and cross RF over LF
5-6step back with LF with ¼ turn right (3 o'clock), RF step to the right with ¼ turn right (6 o'clock)
7 & 8Cross LF before RF, RF small step to right, cross LF before RF
Restart: in the 2nd round (9 o'clock) and in the 6th round (12 o'clock)

Side-Touch, Kick-Ball-Cross, Side Rock ¼ Turn l, Sailor Turn ¼ l
1-2Step RF to right, touch LF beside RF
3 & 4LF kick forward, LF beside RF, cross RF over LF
5-6Step LF to left with ¼ turn left, RF slightly up, weight back on RF (3 o'clock)
7 & 8Cross LF behind RF, with ¼ turn left, with RF to right, LF step forward (12 o'clock)
Ending: Coaster step
7 & 8LF step backwards, RF beside LF and LF step forward (12 o'clock)

Walk r + l, Shuffle ½ Turn l, Rock Back, Turn ½ r, Turn ¼ r
1-2RF step forward, LF step forward
3 & 4RF step forward, use LF on RF with ¼ turn left, RF step backward with ¼ turn left (6 o'clock)
5-6LF step backward, RF slightly up, weight back on RF
7-8½ turn right (12 o'clock) with LF step backwards, ¼ turn right (3 o'clock) with RF step right

Syncopated Jazz Box, Side, Rock Back, Heel & Cross
1-2Cross LF over RF, RF step backwards
& 3-4LF step to left, cross RF before LF, step LF to left
5-6RF step backwards, LF slightly up, weight back on RF
7 & 8Tap LF heel diagonally forward, RF beside LF, cross LF before RF

Tag: After the 9th round at 9 o'clock
Side Touch r + l, Walk around Turn ½ r
1-2Step RF to right, touch LF beside RF
3-4LF step to the left, touch RF beside LF
5-8with 4 steps (r-l-r-l) walk a semicircle right (3 o'clock)

Rocking Chair, 2x Step Turn ½ l
1-4RF step forward, weight back on LF, RF step back, weight back on LF
5-8RF step forward and ½ turn left 2x

Side Touch r + l
1-2Step RF to right, touch LF beside RF
3-4Step LF to left, touch RF beside LF
Repeat until the end, happy dancing!

For any errors in the translation there is no guarantee!


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