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I Got This

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Judi Bisher-Schuler (USA) - February 2018
I Got This - Jerrod Niemann
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Sugar Push with ½ turn shuffle, kick ball change.
1-2Walk forward stepping right, left
3-4Tap right foot behind left foot, step down on right
5&6Half turn shuffle left to 6:00 wall stepping left, right, left.
7&8Kick right foot, step on ball of right foot, change weight to left.

Vines Right and Left with heel and cross(Vaudeville)
1-2Step out to right side on right foot, cross left foot behind.
&3&4Step back on right foot while extending left heel forward, step down on left foot to left side and cross right over left.
5-6Step out to left on left foot, cross right foot behind
&7&8Step back on left foot while extending right heel forward, step down on right foot to right side and cross left over right.

Rock recover, quarter turn left, shuffle right, full turn, shuffle.
1-2Rock out to right side on right foot, recover weight on left while turning ¼ turn to left (9:00)
3&4Shuffle forward right stepping right, left, right.
5-6Step back on left foot while turning to right, complete full turn stepping forward on right foot (Can modify by walking forward on left then right foot after shuffle).
7&8Shuffle forward left stepping left, right, left.

Cross points, jazz box.
1-2Cross right foot over left, point left toes to left side.
3-4Cross left foot over right, point right toes to right side.
5-6-7-8Cross right over left, step back slightly on left foot, step slightly to right on right foot, then step left foot in place.

Repeat. No Tags, No Restarts!



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