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Acoustic Love

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - February 2018
Till It Hurts (Acoustic Dance Sessions) - Rico Greene : (Album: Acoustic Dance Sessions)
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Intro –16 Counts or 15 Seconds from start of track

[1-8] Out, Out, Bend Knee, Lunge, Recover, 1 ¼ Turn L, Step Sweep, Cross, ¼ Turn
&1,2Step RF out diagonal, step LF out diagonal, bend R knee in making ¼ turn L placing weight on to LF (use R hand to push R knee in, running hand down from thigh to knee)
3,4&Step RF forward, recover on to LF, step RF back
5,6,7¼ turn L stepping LF to L side, full turn L hitching R knee keep RF flat against L leg (turn is during counts 5,6 total turn of 1 ¼ turns L. option: make the ¼ turn stepping LF to L hold count 6) step RF forward diagonal sweeping LF from back to front to square up to 6.00
8&Cross LF over R, ¼ turn L stepping RF back (facing 3.00)

[9-16] ¼ Turn L x4, Behind, Drop, Recover, Hitch, Kick, ½ Turn Pique
1,2&¼ turn L stepping LF forward, ¼ turn L stepping RF back, ¼ turn L stepping LF forward
3,4,5¼ turn L stepping RF to R side, step LF behind R, point RF to R side as you bend LF knee to go low (keep R leg straight as you lower you’re body to the ground slightly)
6,7Recover on to straight L leg, 1/8 turn L cross RF over L as you hitch LF knee (diagonal 1.30)
8&Step LF back kicking RF forward diagonal, ½ turn R stepping RF forward hitching LF knee as you turn facing 7.30 (hitch, kick, pique or Option 2: Rock, recover, half turn R)

[17-24] Full Spiral Turn R, Walk Forward R,L, Side Rock Recover, Cross, Large Step, Lock, Full Turn With sweep, Weave
1,2&Step LF forward making full spiral turn R, step forward R, step forward L
3,4&Rock R to R side squaring up to 6.00, recover on to L, cross RF over L
5,6,7Large step L, touch RF behind L (locking both knees), full turn R sweeping RF from front to back
8&Step RF behind L, step LF to L side

[25-32] Rock Recover, Side, Cross, Point, ¾ Spiral R
1&2&Rock RF over L, recover on to L, step RF to R side, cross LF over R
3,4&Step RF to R side, close LF behind R, cross RF over L
5,6&Rock LF to L side, recover on to RF, cross LF over R
7,8Point RF to R side, spiral ¾ turn R keeping weight on LF (facing 3.00)



Last Update - 23rd Feb. 2018


Sassy Stepper February 16, 2018
Absolutely beautiful!

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