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Footloose – New Version

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Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - February 2018
Footloose - Blake Shelton : (3:39)
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Restarts: in wall 6 after 12 counts, in wall 9 after 24 counts, in wall 12 after 28 counts and in wall 14 after 28 counts.
You can clearly hear the restarts in the music!

Intro: 64 counts, BPM 174

Section 1: Steps back and kick forward, coaster step, scuff
1RF step back (facing 12.00)
2LF kick forward
3LF step back
4RF kick forward
5RF step back
6LF step beside RF
7RF step forward
8LF scuff beside RF

Section 2: Steps forward, scuff, step turn ½ left, stomp and clap
1LF step forward
2RF step beside LF
3LF step forward
4RF scuff beside LF
5RF step forward
6Turn ½ left on ball of LF ending with weight on LF (facing 06.00)
7RF stomp beside LF

Section 3: Heel and toe swivels right and left with claps
1Twist RF heel and LF heel right
2Twist RF toe and LF toe right
3Twist RF heel and LF heel right
5Twist RF heel and LF heel left
6Twist RF toe and LF toe left
7Twist RF heel and LF heel left

Section 4: Steps diagonally forward and back with touch and claps, monterey with a ¼ turn right
1RF step diagonally forward right
2LF touch behind RF and clap
3LF step diagonally back left
4RF touch in front of LF and clap
5RF point step right
6LF turn ¼ right on ball and step RF beside LF ending with weight on RF (facing 09.00)
7LF point step left
8LF step beside RF

Have Fun!


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