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Your Man

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Newcomer Cha Cha
Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - January 2018
Your Man - Josh Turner
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Tag after wall 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9
Tag: 4 counts: RF rock step forward and recover onto LF, RF rock step back and recover onto LF
Intro 32 counts, BPM 101

Section 1: Rock step forward, recover, shuffle steps back, rock step back, recover, shuffle steps forward
1RF rock step forward (facing 12.00)
2Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
3RF step back
&LF step beside RF
4RF step back
5LF rock step back
6Recover onto RF (weight on RF)
7LF step forward
&RF step beside LF
8LF step forward

Section 2: Grapevine right with side shuffle, turn ¾ right, hip bumps x 3
1RF step right
2LF step behind RF
3RF step right
&LF step beside RF
4Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward (facing 03.00)
5LF step forward
6Turn ½ right on ball of LF ending with weight on RF (facing 09.00)
7LF step beside RF and do a hip bump to the left
&Hip bump to the right
8Hip bump to the left

Section 3: Side rock step right, recover, cross shuffle left, side rock step left, recover, turn ¼ left, coaster step
1RF side rock step right
2Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
3RF cross step over LF
&LF step left
4RF cross step over LF
5LF side rock step left
6Recover onto RF (weight on RF)
7Turn ¼ left stepping LF back (facing 06.00)
&RF step beside LF
8LF step forward

Section 4: Full turn forward turning left, steps forward
1RF step forward turning ½ left
2LF step back turning ½ left (facing 06.00)
3RF step forward
4LF step beside RF

Tag: 4 counts after wall 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9:
1RF rock step forward
2Recover onto LF (with weight on LF)
3RF rock step back
4Recover onto LF (with weight on LF)

Have Fun!

Last Update – 23 Feb. 2020


mary58 December 24, 2023
This is a lovely dance

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