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Just To Be Your Man

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High Beginner
Brenda Holcomb (USA) & Denise Underwood (USA) - March 2018
Your Man - Josh Turner
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Start the dance on the words “Turn the lights down low"

Cross Rock R, Recover, Triple, Cross Rock L, Recover, Triple
1-2Cross RF over LF, Recover onto LF
3&4Step RF, Step LF, Step RF (Triple in place)
5-6Cross LF over RF, Recover onto RF
7&8Step LF, Step RF, Step LF (Triple in place)

Weave ¼ turn L, R Rocking Chair
1-2Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L side
3-4Cross RF behind LF, Make a ¼ turn left , step LF,
5-6Rock fwd. RF, Recovery LF
7-8Rock back RF, Recover LF

Shuffle Fwd, Rock Fwd, Shuffle Back, Rock Back
1&2Shuffle forward R,L,R
3-4Rock Fwd. LF, Recover RF
5&6Shuffle Back L,R,L
7-8Rock back on RF, Recover on LF

V-Step (Out, Out, In, In)
1-2Step RF Fwd. out diagonal R, Step LF Fwd. out diagonal L
3-4Step RF back in place, Step LF back in place

Tags: Do tags each time before starting at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock walls.
1-4Hip Sway ( R,L,R,L)


R T April 27, 2023
Looks like the tags are on 6 o'clock and 3 o'clock NOT 6 and 9

Double L August 23, 2023
Clarifying the *Tags*
Watch her TEACH Video: she is clearly facing & pointing at 6 and 3 but calls them 6 & "9".
Watch her DEMO video: Tags are performed at 6 & 3.

Brenda Holcomb August 24, 2023
Yes tags are 6 & 3. Sorry about the confusion

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