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Por Favor

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Easy Intermediate
Shane McKeever (N.IRE) - October 2017
Por Favor - Pitbull & Fifth Harmony
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Count-in: 16 Count Intro

[1-8] Dorothy Step Right, Dorothy Step L, Step Forward, Mambo Forward, Behind, Side
1,2&Step RF to R diagonal, Lock Lf behind Rf, Step Rf next to Lf
3,4&Step LF to L diagonal, Lock Rf behind Lf, Step Lf next to Rf
5,6&7Step RF Fwd, Rock Lf Fwd, Recover, Step Lf back
8&Step RF behind Lf, Step Lf to L Side

[9-17] Cross, Scissor Step Left, Scissor Step Right, ¼ Turn Right, ¼ Turn Right, Cross, Side Cha Cha
1,2&3Cross Rf in front of Lf, Rock Lf to L Side, Recover, Cross Lf in front of Rf
4&5Rock Rf to R Side, Recover, Cross Rf in front of Lf
6&7¼ Turn R stepping Lf Back, ¼ Turn R stepping Rf to R Side, Cross Lf in front of Rf
8&1Step Rf to R Side, Step Lf next to Rf, Step Rf to R Side

[18-24] Cross Mambo Left, Cross Mambo Right, Point Left Across, Point Left Side, Flick Left
2&3Cross Rock Lf in front of Rf, Recover, Step Lf to L Side
4&5Cross Rock Rf in front of Lf, Recover, Step Rf to R Side
6,7Point Lf across Rf, Point Lf to L Side
8Flick Lf up

[25-32] Forward Cha Cha Right Diagonal, Forward Cha Cha Left Diagonal, Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2Step Lf Fwd on the diagonal (facing 7.30), Step Rf behind Lf, Step LF Fwd
3&4Step Rf Fwd on the diagonal (facing 4.30), Step Lf behind Rf, Step RF Fwd
5,6Rock Lf Fwd, Recover
7&8Step Lf Back, Step Rf next to Lf, Step Lf Fwd
*Restart Dance here on walls 2 and 4

[33-40] Step Forward with Hip rolls Forward, Back, Forward, Hitch Left Knee with ¼ Turn Right, Step Left to Side with Hip Rolls, Left, Right, Left, ¼ Turn Right with a Hook
1,2,3Step Rf Fwd rolling hips fwd, recover on to Lf rolling hips back, transfer weight to Rf rolling hips Fwd
4Hitch L Knee as you ¼ Turn R
5,6,7Step Lf to L side rolling hips to L, roll hips to R, roll hips to L
8Hook Rf in front of L making a ¼ Turn R (facing 12.00)

[41-48] Cross Point x2, Jazz Box ½ Turn
1,2Cross Rf in front of Lf, Point Lf to L side
3,4Cross Lf in front of Rf, Point Rf to R Side
5,6Cross Rf in front of Lf, ¼ Turn R stepping Lf Back
7,8Step Rf to R side, ¼ Turn R Step Lf Fwd

Begin again


Micaela March 7, 2018
Nice dance Shane. I hope it will do really well

Tina M. March 7, 2018
Easy enough dance that still lets you experience the unique style of Shane McKeever!

Pismo March 13, 2018
Started teaching this weeks ago but dropped it because the step sheet hadn't been published.

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