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Intermediate Country Waltz
I Was Drunk, by Mike Zito. Album: Keep Coming Back
Notes: Dance starts on vocals, Finish dance on count 31 turning to front wall

[1-6] ¼ turn L with L twinkle, Cross R, ¼ turn R, ½ turn R
1-3Turn ¼ turn left cross/stepping left over right, Step right to right side, Step left beside right turning slightly left 9.00
4-6Cross/step right over left, Step left to left turning ¼ turn right, Step right back turning a further ½ turn right 6.00

[7-12] L fwd, Rock R fwd, Recover L, Step R back, 3/8 turn L, R fwd
1-3Large step left forward, Rock/step right forward, Recover weight onto left 6.00
4-6Step right back, Step left back turning 3/8 turn left, Step right slightly forward 1.30

[13-18] Cross/step L, Sweep R fwd for 2 counts, Cross/step R, Step L to L, Step R behind L
1-3Cross/step left over right, Sweep right forward for 2 counts to 12.00
4-6Cross/step right over left, Step left to left side, Step right behind left 12.00

[19-24] Step L to L, Drag R towards L for 2 counts, Touch R, Full turn R
1-3Big step left to left dragging right towards left, Continue dragging right, Touch right beside left
4-6Step right to right turning ¼ turn right 3.00, Step left slightly forward turning ½ turn right 9.00, Step right back turning ¼ turn right 12.00

[25-30] L jazz box, Cross/lunge R, recover L, Step R to R
1-3Cross/step left over right. Step right back slightly at right diagonal, Step left slightly left 12.00
4-6Cross/lunge right over left, Recover weight back onto left, Step right slightly to right side 12.00

[31-36] Cross/step L over R, Point R toe, Hold, Step R behind L turning ½ R, L back, ½ turn R
1-3Cross/step left over right , Point right toe to right side, Hold 12.00
4-6Step right behind left turning ½ turn right 6.00, Rock/step left slightly back 6.00, Make a further ½ turn right & step right forward 12.00

[37-42] L fwd, Slow ½ pivot R for 2 counts, R fwd, Full turn R
1-3Step left forward, Slow pivot ½ turn right keeping weight on left, Complete ½ pivot turn right keeping weight onto left 6.00 (optional - on the chorus pretend your drunk )
4-6Step right slightly forward, Step left forward turning ½ turn right, Step right back turning ½ turn right 6.00

[43-48] Step L fwd, Hold for 2 counts, Step R fwd, Hold for 2 counts
1-3Step left forward & directly in front of right, Hold, Hold 6.00
4-6Step right forward & directly in front of left, Hold, Hold 6.00

Jose - jose_nl@hotmail.com
Simon – bellychops@hotmail.com

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