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I Close My Eyes

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Hazel Pace (UK) - March 2018
Ich mach meine Augen zu - Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo
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Intro: 32 Counts on Vocals. (106 BPM)

[1 – 8] Weave Left, Cross Rock Recover, Side Shuffle.
1 – 2Cross right over left, left to left side.
3 – 4Step right behind left, left to left side.
5 – 6Cross rock right over left, recover on left.
7 & 8Step right to right side, left beside right, right to right side.

[9 – 16] Cross, 1/4 Left, Side, Cross, Side Rock Recover, Crossing Shuffle.
1 – 2Cross left over right, make 1/4 turn left stepping back on right. (9.00).
3 – 4Step left to left side, cross right over left.
5 – 6Rock left to left side, recover on right.
7 & 8Cross left over right, right to right side, cross left over right.

[17 – 24] Right Side Drag, Right Shuffle, Left Side Drag, Left Shuffle Back.
1 – 2Big step right to right side, drag left towards right. (Weight on left).
3 & 4Step forward on right, left beside right, forward on right.
5 – 6Big step left to left side, drag right towards left, weight on right.
7 & 8Step back on left, right beside left, back on left.

[25 – 32] Rock Back Recover, Triple 1/2 Turn Left, Rock Back Recover, Left Shuffle.
1 – 2Rock back on right, recover on left.
3 & 4Triple 1/2 turn left on right, left, right.
5 – 6Rock back on left. recover on right.
7 & 8Step forward on left, right beside left, forward on left.

**2 Easy Restarts 2nd sequence at front, 6th sequence at back.
Dance counts 1 – 15, count 16 sweep right round to front, start again

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Gary Lafferty April 28, 2018
Brilliant dance from Hazel ... been teaching it since the first time it appeared on the front page of Copperknob with a "New" sticker next to it ... highly recommended by my improver class!

Lighthouse Lil April 30, 2018
Hazel this is a great dance, all my 3 clubs love it, relatively easy but has the " Run Onto The Dance Floor Factor " , thank you and more like this please , makes my job easy with dances that appeal to all , people come out to dance ,not to watch others dancing and this fills my floor , thanks again

ROSIE May 30, 2018
looking forward to teaching this beautiful beginner dance.

EllieMae May 31, 2018
Taught this dance on Monday night. Everyone loves the music and the choreography. Surely another hit for Hazel.

Pony Chen June 15, 2018

edances June 26, 2018
My class have been doing this for some time now and they are loving it! Well Done Hazel x

Chrissie Footitt July 7, 2018
Love this dance - music makes me smile. :)

EeVee July 28, 2018
Brilliant teaching for a beginner by Anke! Thanks!!

Jan van Tiggelen September 21, 2018
We Love This Dance

Hilda E.Foo October 25, 2018
Just a romantic song and I just love this dance :)

hopalong January 31, 2019
Deiser tanzen in meiner meinung nach ist der besten I'm 2018...entschulgung fur member furchbar Deutsche, this is a dance that will still be going for donkeys years,bravo to the choreographer and perfect choice of music

G Q February 10, 2019
nice music and dance but its a beginner it dosn't need 2 restarts. dances stay around longer without them. stroll along cha cha was a great easy dance which we did to many tunes. please have pity on us choreographers. its nice to enjoy a simple little dance like this without thinking of restarts.. sorry to be a grump but i dread dance nights as i have to remember all the tags and restarts as the dancers never do.. guess im getting old

Micaela February 19, 2019
Very nice dance

Pony Chen March 31, 2019

Too much fun October 18, 2019
I teach this dance to my improvers to the music Marc Anthony's, I need to Know! No tags or restarts! Just enjoy this fun dance without worries of restarts. My class really likes it.

Diane Ellis September 27, 2020
Some great alternative songs (more rumbas): Shadows In The Moonlight, Anne Murray, 106 beats per minute; Alone, Bee Gees 110 bpm; Tequila Sunrise 112

Bart2016 April 14, 2021
came up with a more complex version of yours. its really good. the only complex part is 2 full turns (r&l).

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