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Irish Rainbow

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HP Low (UK) - March 2018
Dance Above the Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman
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Section 1: Skipping Steps & hitch x4 moving forwards
1-2Step R foot fwd with a skipping step, hitch L foot
3-4Step L foot fwd with a skipping step, hitch R foot
5-6Step R foot fwd with a skipping step, hitch L foot
7-8Step L foot fwd with a skipping step, hitch R foot

Section 2: Jazz box, rock forward, recover, chasse 1/4 turn to right
1-2Step R foot over L foot, Step L ft back
3-4Step R ft to side, step L ft next to R ft
5-6Rock R ft forward, recover to left foot
7&8Chasse 1/4 turn to Right R-L-R

Section 3: Weave and Sweep, Vine And point
1-2Step L foot over R foot, Step R foot to R side
3-4Step L foot behind R, Sweep R foot behind L foot
5-6Step R foot behind L foot Step L to L side
7-8Step R foot over L foot, Point L foot out

Section 4: Walk back 2 steps, shuffle ½ turn twice to the Left, coaster step
1-2Walk back 2 steps starting with L foot
3&4Shuffle half turn L-R-L
5&6Shuffle half turn R-L-R
7&8Step back on L, step together with R, step L forward

(Last wall (10) will start at 3.00 and continue to 6.00 .
Instead of a coaster step in the last section, perform another ½ shuffle, taking you to the front)



Sassy Stepper March 14, 2018
Cute little dance but I'm not seeing a skip on the step count, rather a hop as you do the hitch in the first section???

HP March 15, 2018
Hi Sassy Stepper, I guess I should have written it clearer, I will modify to skip and hitch with syncopated steps Thanks for bring it to my attention

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