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Nickie's Night Out

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Linda Nyholm (CAN) - March 2018
Oh What A Night, Four Seasons
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** This is for you, Nickie — Happy Birthday **

SECTION I: Point Out, |In, Out-In-Out, Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle
1-2Point right to side, touch right beside left
3&4Point right to side, touch right beside left, point right to side
5-6Step right behind left, left to side
7&8Cross right over left, step left slightly behind right, step right to side

SECTION II: Repeat Above Section, Starting On Left

SECTION III: Right Hinge Turn ½, Shuffle Forward, Side Rock, Shuffle ¼
1-2Step right back, turning ¼ left, step left fwd, turning ¼ left (6)
3&4Step right fwd, left beside right step right fwd
5-6Rock left to side, recover to right
7&8Step left ¼ to left, step right beside left, step left fwd (3)

SECTION IV: Kick-Ball Cross, Pivot ¼ X2
1&2Kick right fwd, step on ball of right foot, cross left over right
3-4Pivot ¼ to left on right, recover to left
5&6Repeat steps 1&2 of this section (12)
7-8Repeat steps 3-4 of this section (9)

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