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Whole Lot In Love

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Country Novice WCS
Marie-Theres Dorner (AUT) - March 2018
Whole Lot in Love - Austin Burke
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Phrasing: Restart in wall 3 after 8 cts. Restart in wall 7 after 12 cts
Intro: 16 counts

Walk, walk, out, out, in, cross, kick, ball, cross, step, ¼ turn
1-2RF step fwd., LF step fwd.,
&3&4RF step to the right, LF step to the left, RF step next to LF, LF cross over RF
5&6RF kick diagonal to the right, step together, LF cross over RF
7-8RF step to the right, ¼ turn to the left, weight on LF

Triple half turn, ½ turn, rock step, coaster step, kick ball step, hold
1&2RF step to the right with a ¼ turn, LF cross over RF, RF step back with a ¼ turn
3-4half turn over the left shoulder, LF step fwd., recover weight on RF
5&6LF step back, RF step next to LF, LF step forward
7&8RF kick fwd., RF step in place, LF step in place (like a kick ball change without weight change)

Flick, touch, hook, side together cross, step back ¼ turn, step fwd. ¼ turn, brush, hitch, step
1&2LF flick to the left diagonal, LF touch in place, LF hook in front of RF
3&4LF step to the left, RF step next to LF, LF cross over RF
5-6RF step back with a ¼ turn, LF step forward with a ¼ turn
7-8RF slightly brush then hitch knee, step forward

Triple half turn, step, touch, step, back rock, full turn
1&2LF step to the left with a ¼ turn, RF cross over LF, LF step back with a ¼ turn
3&4RF step slightly diagonal to the right, LF touch next to RF, LF step to the left
5-6RF step back, recover weight on LF
7-8RF step back with a half turn over the right shoulder, LF step fwd. with a half turn over the left shoulder



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